Transgendered New York – Updated!

Related to our September discussion on transgendered players on our teams, Althouse posted this New York Times article, New York Plans to Make Gender Personal Choice.

Interesting discussion over there and I included a link to our earlier discussion for her readers in the comments.

Which reminds me … I e-mailed rugby administrators to see if a more clear ruling could be determined on this question and it’s been forgotten … “Maybe if we forget about it, it will just go away” …

In the Comments: A reader saw a documentary on LOGO about a transgender woman mountain bike racer in Canada. She’s six years post-op. If you can, definitely watch the video. It’s about 15 minutes long. Very thought-provoking and very similar to our debate.

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  1. Anonymous

    I actually saw a documentary this past weekend on Logo and it was addressing the same exact issues as were discussed in your previous post. Rugby isn’t the only sport discussing the topic.

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