2007 High School Girls NIT in Milwaukee, Wis.

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Girls HS NIT Venue Set
November 6, 2006 – A five-person panel selected Milwaukee, Wisc. as the venue for the 2007 Girls USA High School National Invitational Tournament.

The NIT was first held in Milwaukee in 2000, and was won by Fort Collins in the first of two-straight titles. Fort Collins hosted in 2001 as well and then Seattle hosted in 2002, where Kent won.

In 2003 Kansas City won as Luther Burbank won the title, and in 2004 Sacramento hosted as Divine Savior Holy Angels, twice runners up, won the first of three straight titles.

DSHA won again in 2005 in Milwaukee, and then again in Portland, Maine this past spring.

The five-person panel of John McTigue, City Honors, Buffalo, NY, Brad Rockwood, West Carroll, Md., Tracey Davies, Kansas City, Andre Bruwer, Lakewood, Ohio, and Katie Wurst, USA Rugby chose between bids from Milwaukee and Olympia, Wash.

The panel itself was selected following the 2006 NIT, when communication among members of the girls high school rugby community led to several of those involved to offer their services for oversee a formal bid process.

The bids were very similar, said panel members, and it took some discussion to find differences. In the end, Milwaukee’s access to lighted fields, and the city’s central location swayed the panel to the Midwestern city.

More information will be made available on GoffonRugby.com about teams and how to become involved.

In recent years the NIT has expanded to 16 teams whenever possible. Teams from regions not usually represented at the NIT often are invited into the Tier II competition, while the Tier I is set aside for regional champions. Generally the Tier I group has consisted of eight teams: the champions from the Midwest and Pacific Northwest, and then four more champions from participating regions such as the South, West, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

The second seeds from the Pacific Northwest and Midwest, whose teams made the final the past two years, have also been in Tier I.

The host club at the 2007 NIT will be Divine Savior Holy Angels. Dates were set for May 19-20.

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