Sunny Sunday & Motivation … I’m not Tracy Flick

Yesterday, we wandered out and enjoyed the sunshine. Had breakfast at a little deli in my neighborhood, walked over to the zoo, watched the geese at a pond and relaxed.

[We also watched the Chicago Bears lose … 🙂 Having to watch Bears games now being one of my great sacrifices at dating someone from Illinois]

After wandering, we caught highlights of the New York Marathon on television and footage of Lance Armstrong finishing up his race too. And found this article later.

He called the race “the hardest physical thing I have ever done” — even more grueling than his worst days on the Tour.

That really struck me. Because seriously, this guy’s whole career/life is built around pushing himself to the limit on his bike, even after surviving cancer, and he still struggled to finish a marathon. Granted, he turned in a sub-three-hour marathon.

I don’t know … on first thought, you just think, Tour De France, marathon, piece of cake. But to see a world-class athlete still struggling in comparison to the professional marathoners (and probably a few amateur all-stars), it’s somehow motivating. Because winning a marathon is one of those things that seems just completely out of the realm of accomplishment, at least to me. I don’t even pretend to be good at running a mile or two, much less 26.2, much less in a decent or fast amount of time.

The thought of having to go run, right now for instance, makes me kind of want to vomit.

The sheer amount of effort, mental willpower and discipline that I would need to somehow dig up and then keep going day in and day out just boggles my mind. So yeah, knowing that Lance Armstrong even struggled to finish a marathon makes me feel a little better about my own endeavors.

Basically, that Lance couldn’t just bop on over to marathons and it would be so easy is what strikes me.

Motivation and discipline are things which often escape me. And I let them sneak away. I’ll be honest.

For instance, I have not run more than 100 feet, much less wore any type of athletic clothing other than to lounge, since our team wrapped practice three weeks ago. Not kidding. And today was the first day where I honestly woke up thinking, ugh, I feel so icky. And I realized it was because I haven’t done anything except sleep, eat, work, watch tv and just lounge for the past three weeks. In fairness, I have rode my bike every day to work and done quite a lot of walking (like to the zoo yesterday!) but nothing else.

I also don’t understand people who find it so easy to be super motivated, ambitious and disciplined. I’m not kidding, who are you people? And admit it, you smoke crack.

Okay, just kidding. I’m pretty sure you don’t smoke crack. But besides the naturally crazy people who are all super-ambitious. Think Reese Witherspoon’s character Tracy Flick in Election (note: Reese is one of my most favorite actresses) (note to the note: not that it matters for the sake of this blog … tangent!).

But for everyone else, how the hell do you find motivation and then stay motivated? Seriously, if you have secrets, you need to share them with everyone else. And by motivation, it can be for anything, not just working out.

I know that it takes effort to build a positive habit (because our bad habits start the same way … they are just easier) and this has worked in the past. Time management too, learning to schedule yourself time to do something that you want to fit in. But how about just staying motivated at your career? Which is something I sorely lack (I fully admit that this blog is a partial byproduct of my lack of motivation/ambition in my current career … I don’t think that’s a secret). Or in other aspects of your life?


And by the way, blogging this weekend was way hard. And I barely blogged. I just couldn’t drag myself to my laptop very easily …

NaBloPoMo: Day 6



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2 responses to “Sunny Sunday & Motivation … I’m not Tracy Flick

  1. Katy

    i totally gave up running in the off season in favor of rowing. it’s way funner, not miserable, and gets me in better shape anyway. who would want to run ever in their life? running is abominable. row a boat!!!!

  2. Elizabeth

    I hate running too, but I’m motivated by painful memories of playing rugby when I was REALLY out of shape–not fun at all. For me, rugby’s a totally different experience when I’m fit!

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