Rugby Bits & Bites … A case of the Mondays?!

• USA Rugby is seeking applications for developing a new regional growth model, formerly the high school administration model.

“USA Rugby’s strategic goal is to have high school rugby recognized by state high school athletic associations,” said Rick Humm, Managing Director of Game Development. “Implementation of the RRGM is the first step towards a state-based model.”

USA Rugby will work with local region representatives to develop a plan to manage the growth of rugby in their area, and will support the new organization by sharing best practices and offering access to expert practitioners.

• This is great … a television news feature piece on Calley Gerber, an attorney, Raleigh Venom player and NC State Women’s coach down in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’ll post the text article below, but be sure to check out the video news story here (audio/video, also embedded in article page).

Women’s Rugby Takes Shape In The Triangle
POSTED: 6:31 pm EST November 3, 2006
UPDATED: 8:51 pm EST November 3, 2006

RALEIGH, N.C. — She’s an attorney with a passion for rugby. NBC17 talked with this Triangle woman to find out why she’s so passionate about the sport.

Calley Gerber is a Triangle attorney and rugby enthusiast. She’s also coach of the NC State women’s rugby team and a player with the Raleigh Venom, a Women’s Division II rugby team.

“Rugby’s a part of my life, during the national season all the time,” said Gerber. “Even when I’m at work, a lot of times, I’ll be thinking about it when I’m taking a break.”

Rugby is a game very similar to football. It’s very rough and usually a sport that’s associated with men.

There is video of Calley, playing in a championship game. She was a 25-year-old law student when a college friend introduced her to the sport. She said rugby keeps her healthy and active because of all the running she does on the field. She also calls the sport…”a great stress reliever.”

“Rugby was my outlet from law school; now it’s my outlet from work,” said Gerber.

Calley’s team position is flanker.

“That’s also called a loose forward,” said Gerber. “Basically, there are two different kinds of players in rugby. There’s the pack players, and there’s the back row players. My position as flanker would be on the outside of the scrum, and I try to break off as quickly as I can to go chase the pesky backs that run with the ball.”

This attorney admitted rugby brings out her competitive side. Gerber said winning is always the goal, but it’s also important to have fun. So far, rugby has made a positive difference in her life and she hopes to keep playing for as long as she can.

I laughed out loud at the end when the two women anchors are talking and one says “I would get my butt kicked” and the other says “Yes, you would.” That was just totally amusing this morning.

Remember, Raleigh is hosting this weekend’s D-II Women’s National Championships.

• In women’s college rugby, K-Train’s LaSalle Women beat Franklin and Marshall College to move from D-III to D-II. You can see pictures here.

• Amy in Austin posted a photo of her team all dressed up at teammate’s wedding. Rugby players clean up good, it’s just a given. 🙂

• I’m a dork … and since I can’t get my cat a friend yet, I have adopted a new virtual pet and added it to my sidebar. His name is Hobbes (after an old friend). You can pet him and feed him little steaks. Katy … I think these are like Tamagotchies that we can’t kill … bonus!

Speaking of pets, a man at my work posted a flier today with three photographs of scottish terrier puppies that he is giving away to a good home. Seriously, if I didn’t have an apartment that doesn’t allow dogs, my cat’s new buddy would be a scottie.

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