More evidence that Wisconsin is Awesome

This morning, boyfriend and I are hitting up the local farmer’s market for the last market of the fall and then he’s joining me in volunteering at the press box working with my old friends at the Wisconsin Badgers for the football game today.

Wisconsin vs. Penn State. 🙂

I’m excited to show him the behind-the-scenes business of my old job and friends at Camp Randall Stadium. Plus you can’t beat seeing a Badger football game.

Also, follow-up to this post … here’s an article from one of our local newspapers citing that the University of Wisconsin ranks second only behind Harvard in the number of alumni who are CEOs of companies in the Standard & Poor 500.

And don’t even get me started on how many honors and top-rankings my lovely city of Madison, Wisconsin earns …

NaBloPoMo: Day 4

Updated: I wrote this and then couldn’t get online to post it properly until 11 p.m. tonight when we got home from going out after the football game. Dumb wireless network at my apartment is so slow sometimes. But better late than never. And we never made it to the farmer’s market after all … we opted to go to the Stadium earlier and had fun working together. I think my boyfriend enjoyed seeing my old workplace.


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One response to “More evidence that Wisconsin is Awesome

  1. Katy

    i feel very sad that wisconsin beat penn state yesterday. perhaps things would have turned out differently if the world weren’t in such concern for joepa??

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