Rigby Bits & Bites … Yeah! It’s Friday!!


I wanted to post a Goff link here to an article about the Eagles 7s developmental team, but Goff’s site isn’t loading this morning … so will check again later.

• USA 7s assistant coach Mark Santiago on the women’s developmental team heading to Barbados next weekend … (Goff, Subscription required)

“This development team includes some of the best young sevens players in the country,” Santiago added. “Our obvious goal is to win the NAWIRA Tournament, but even more important than that is developing these young players’ skills and commitment to the game, as they will most likely be our World Cup contenders come 2009. We also look to develop the West Indies women’s game because the more improved the competition becomes, the better everyone gets.”

And on the players attending …

Among those who are going is Stanford’s brilliant Olivia Anglade, a player Santiago has been very interested in enticing to 7s, North Shore products Tania Carlson and Kate Hennenberg, and some relatvie unknowns like Laurel Stander of Las Vegas and Amanda Bonnano of Miami.

In addition, Santiago has looked for some veteran leadership and combined that with rewarding players who have kept up the work.

“Christine Barber has been involved with 7s for a long time and really wanted to get into the US program,” Santiago said. “She’s committed to playing TU-level 7s and this is a reward for all her hard work. Annie Antar is climbing up through the ranks and provides a lot of leadership for us. Sue Hanson and Annie are co-captains and I can’t say enough about their poise and enthusiasm.”

Also, news on the first-ever U-19 Territorial Tournament (again, subscription required).

Four teams are set for the inaugural Women’s U19 Invitational NASC to be held in Murfreesboro, Tenn November 18-19.

Of the seven territories in USA Rugby, four will field teams: Northeast, South, Midwest and West. Southern California may still be a little small to field a team, while the Pacific Coast, despite appointing a program director was unable to get further organizational consensus and funding to field a team. Funding also appeared to be an issue for Mid-Atlantic.

In future years it is hoped that all seven TUs, plus a USA U17 team, would compete.

The Midwest team will have a strong Wisconsin flavor with Divine Savior Holy Angels coach John Klein leading the Midwest U-19 team, in addition to several Wisconsin U-19 players. I’ll post more info on the U-19s as I find it.

• The All Blacks are learning to speak french in preparation for the next men’s World Cup. It’s an effort to help their players feel more comfortable in a foreign country during their entire World Cup stay and therefore, play better. Check out the end of the article for Kiwi phrases in french … Please remove your thumb from my eye, Veuillez extraire votre pouce de mon oeil, s’il vous plaît

• And since we’re talking men’s World Cup, an interesting article about the past excess of the English team and how they’re now trimming the fat. If only our teams had this kind of money to throw around, huh?

And by the way, Setanta is broadcasting New Zealand vs. England this Tuesday night at 9 p.m. for the fall tours.

• USA South is looking for volunteers to help out at Nationals …

USA Rugby Seeking 10 – 12 Volunteers for Women’s DI Nationals – Nov.
Thu Nov 2, 2006 5:53 am (PST)

USA Rugby needs a few volunteers for Women’s Nationals. The event will be held on the Disney Complex in Orlando Florida. If you have availability, it is a great way to see the best women’s rugby in the US and get some cool USA Rugby gear! Duties would be ball shagging on the sidelines and/or working the gates. If a team volunteers, they get to keep the USA Rugby Logo game balls. Feel free to pass message on to rugby supporters.

The fourth ranked Atlanta Harlequins are traveling to Orlando by bus and have offered a few seats for this volunteer support effort. Their bus leaves Thursday midday and returns on Sunday night. Free housing is also available.

This is an opportunity for a ring-side seat at Nationals plus a free vacation to Orlando!

I must have your replies by this Sunday, in order to get gate pass info to Disney. First 12 respondents are in.

Please reply to Danita.knox@ge.com


Danita Knox
South Women’s Director

• Via Dooce, the top 10 things we’ll miss about Bob Barker. He’s retiring from the Price is Right. Be sure to watch the YouTube clip of him being annoyed with a contestant. You can’t hear it but I bet he swears at this girl at the end. And Stephanie loves his dirty old man humor too.

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  1. rachel

    More info on the U19 NASC can be found at http://redrhinosrugby.com/nasc/
    though it doesn’t seem to be updated that often!

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