For any of my fellow catholic grade school attendees, today is All Saint’s Day. The day after Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve where you honor and celebrate the Saints and the souls of your loved ones who have died.

As my boyfriend said this morning (he attended a Catholic school through high school), it’s one of the church’s Holy Days of Obligation. And although both of us were somewhat raised on the teachings of the church, neither one of us is a full practicing catholic now other than just trying to be a good person.

So I looked up All Saint’s Day to refresh my memory beyond just that I remember always singing “When the Saints Go Marching In”. It turns out that today is also the Day of the Dead in Mexico (Dia de los Meurtos), a day blending All Saints Day with the ancient Aztec culture of celebrating death as a continuation of life.

Further, I found it interesting that Halloween is originally based in the Celtic tradition and is a day where the souls of the dead can return to Earth and bonfires are lit to keep the bad spirits away, so then the good souls and saints are celebrated on All Saints Day.

The tradition of Halloween in America was not celebrated really until Irish and Scottish immigrants brought it over in the mid to late 1800s. And the modern-day tradition of costumes and trick-or-treating is very much a product of commercialism in America started in the 1930s and then later the 1950s forward.

This modern day tradition of Halloween is spreading to other countries, but is considered very American. Interestingly, France was starting to celebrate Halloween, but just declared it dead.

And to see some very cute jack o’lanterns (this pic!), check out Rachel and her roommates’ pumpkins from the NYRC women.


And for my friend Stephanie, the band All Saints is a English pop music girl group best known to my memory as having a song from the soundtrack for the Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Beach which I saw while I was living in Australia.

So their song Pure Shores (audio link) will always remind me of traveling in the South Pacific. I listed it here in my Life Soundtrack post under “death scene”. I’m guessing I want to make sure I’m living on a beach in my old age.

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2 responses to “Today

  1. K-Train

    Ah is that history on your blog? My cold academic heart is warmed, thawed even!

  2. srose

    Ah, you’re so good to me! That’s actually not that song that I know…I was thinking of Never Ever: Vexing vocabulary runs right through me, the alphabet runs right from A to Z…

    However, I have seen that movie, I’ll have to check out the audio link when I’m not at work.

    Miss you!

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