I don’t consider myself a political or partisan person. In fact, I would say I am by far the most non-partisan person I know. Hard to believe since my family (Hi Mom!) is very liberal (damn hippies!) 🙂

Personally, I have some more moderate, sometimes even conservative leanings.

That said, I added a banner on my top right sidebar for Fair Wisconsin because I firmly believe that every single person out there, no matter who you love, deserves the same rights as everyone else.

This is just common sense and the fair thing to do. A Fair Wisconsin Votes No.

This is also the only thing I’m sure about related to the upcoming election here in Wisconsin in six days. [By the way, Pinkie told me the amendment is on the back side of the ballot, so make sure you turn it over while voting Wisconsin friends].

When it comes to my vote for our Governor, I only know that I’m going to pick between the lesser of two evils, since I don’t particularly feel either choice is the best one. Why do all elections come down to picking between the lesser of two evils? Not that they are really evil, but just a turn of phrase.

Further, my boyfriend keeps laughing at me because every time I see a commercial or newscast featuring our current governor, I say “hairy knuckles”. A few months ago, my boss attended some conference where the governor spoke and she told me she thought it was funny that he could be nearly completely bald on his head and have such hairy knuckles. So I now automatically associate our governor with hairy knuckles.

That and his wife is incredibly thin, to the point that she very much reminds me of the sister of one of our rugby guys who is incredibly anorexic. Perhaps that’s her natural body shape, but it’s rather hard to believe. I attended an honors luncheon a while back and met her and I was very much afraid I would break her hand. You know, because I’m such a big beefcake. Beeeefffffcaaaaaakkkkkkkeeeeee.

These are things I think about, in addition to all of my issue choices, when I’m voting. Do I pick the guy with hairy knuckles and the anorexic wife or the guy named after a color?

And the commercials are fucking killing me. Seriously. I’m excited to vote just to have regular non-political commercials on again. I only have five channels people. You bombard me with your rhetoric!!

Senators, Attorney Generals, etc., oy. These are easier choices for me.

I honestly try to stay informed on the issues. I’m a current events and news junkie. I don’t take my voting decisions lightly. And I feel that so many people base their voting decisions on a very small amount of knowledge or the popular opinion of their peer groups. Education and Information is a really important tool. Empower yourselves with information.

In the end though, sometimes it’s one major issue that turns the tide for me. I have a feeling that will be same this year. All things being fairly equal, it’s usually one issue that’ll move me to one side of the fence versus the other. I am the swing voter.

We’ll see I guess.

NaBloPoMo: Day 1


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