Brain … You’re soooooo weird sometimes.

My head is all over the place today. Do you ever catch yourself thinking about something completely random and wonder where in the hell that came from?

Case in point: I’m wearing Happy Bunny underwear today. They say “Not Listening” on the butt. I just wondered if any of the people I work with are also wearing funny cartoon underwear. And then I thought, I don’t really want to see any of my coworkers in their underwear.

Cool story I found today: This is neato. The Web reached 100 million web sites this month.

“Within that, there are some that are busy and updated more often, and that represents the active sites, which are at about 47 or 48 million,” he said.

Bloggers, small businesses, and simplicity have combined to create the dramatic growth of sites, much of it just in the past two years.

In 1995, there were only 18,000 sites. It took 9 years until 1994 to reach 50 million and then just 30 more months to reach 100 million this year. I think this is great.

Sad story I found: An NY Times article titled “The Internet Black Hole That is North Korea” discussing a recent satellite photo taken of North and South Korea at night.

Unfortunately, it’s a Times Select article so you can’t read it all now without a subscription, but I did find the satellite photo. But to summarize, the satellite image of the two Koreas by night showed South Korea as a country full of bursts of light from its cities. North Korea was almost completely black.

The article discusses how the image demonstrates how closed off North Korea is to information, communication and technology. Electricity and running water is not readily available, much less cell phones and the internet. The people of North Korea aren’t allowed to have internet access and cell phone technology is banned. Most interesting, a national organization of journalists ranked North Korea at No. 1 for being the most censored country in the world, outranking Afghanistan.

This has absolutely nothing to do with my Happy Bunny underwear. But I’m fairly sure Happy Bunny would be banned too. Kim Jong Il … you suck.

NaBloPoMo: Day 1



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3 responses to “Brain … You’re soooooo weird sometimes.

  1. mutantin

    to give you something to blog on i threw you a stick:

  2. OBG

    You assume that the people of North Korea want lights … and cell phones and Internet connections and TV and all other sources of information. I agree they are isolated, but I’m not taking anybody’s word on whether or not they are oppressed.

  3. Blondie

    OBG – I “assume” all people would, if given the choice, want to be able to communicate, read, listen, talk to whatever/whomeever they wish to. The government of North Korea does not give them these choices, either through not allowing the country to develop and/or outlawing use.

    It’s not about assuming people want technology, it’s about assuming people should be given the choice.

    Kind of like how you have the choice to not take anybody’s word on it.

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