Midwest D-2 Women’s Championships Update

Goff’s got his recap here (subscription required), but here are the scores from the tournament down in Ohio, hosted by the Scioto Valley Women …

Day 1 – Bad weather and very windy conditions
– Minneapolis Menagerie 15, Scioto Valley 10 … Scioto Valley had a 10-0 lead over the Menagerie, but lost players to injury and had to play with less numbers for the final 25 minutes, letting the Menagerie back into the game.

– Pittsburgh Angels shut out the Detroit Women 15-0, using “good ball movement despite the conditions” according to Goff.

Day 2 – Better weather on Sunday
– Consolation Match: Detroit defeated Scioto Valley, 24-12

– Championship Match: Pittsburgh beat Minneapolis 26-12 … a close game tied up at 12-12 until the final 10 minutes, Pittsburgh rallied to score two unanswered tries to seal the win.

Overall, this must’ve been a hell of a weekend of games. My team has played both the Menagerie and Detroit at least twice each in the past few years and these games are never easy. Based on the close scores, I can only assume Pittsburgh and Scioto Valley are on par with the skills of these teams and these were some great, hard-hitting rugby games.

I am sore just thinking about it. 🙂

And now with the Midwest’s top two teams decided, the seedings for the upcoming D-2 Women’s National Championships are as follows:

Mid-Atlantic #1: Raleigh Venom
Midwest #1: Pittsburgh Angels
Northeast #1: Albany
Midwest #2: Minneapolis Menagerie
Mid-Atlantic #2: NOVA B
USA Rugby South #1: Naples
Northeast #2: Seacoast
USA Rugby South #2: Fort Lauderdale

To see the schedule of games and for more information, see the new D-2 Women’s site.

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