Taking Ideas for NaBloPoMo

Since I am now committed to blogging for every single day of November as a participant in NaBloPoMo (aka National Blog Posting Month), I figured I might need some inspiration and I turn to you, the awesome readers of Saturday’s A Rugby Day, to help a sister out.

Please leave me topic ideas in the comments. The more, the merrier. Any topic you feel like. I’m serious. If I get enough topics, I’ll pick one each day from the list and blog a post on it, in addition to my regular rugby and Blondie postings (those would be the rediculous ones).

Seriously … any topic. Chocolate, weasels, gymnastics, gravity, random questions from Deal or No Deal, ex-boyfriends, my lack of ex-girlfriends (that one’s for you pink), gymnastic weasels eating chocolate blogging about their ex-girlfriends.

Bring it on.

I start on Wednesday, November 1. That’s All Saint’s Day for any of you fellow Catholic School kids. Oh, When the Saints, Oh When the Saints Go Marching In …



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10 responses to “Taking Ideas for NaBloPoMo

  1. Anonymous


  2. Anonymous


  3. srose

    Man, I am angry with blogger. It just deleted my comment, ugh.

    I request a description of all of your previous Halloween costumes, as far back as you can remember…

    …I also had written something about the band All Saints (including HTML tags and ridiculous song lyrics!), but am too lazy to re-type. Basically, one hit wonders. They’re a (temporary) goldmine.

  4. Anonymous

    The growth of U19 girls division.

  5. A

    This idea sort of comes from your coach, something I heard him say. What would the Womens Rugby League be like if All-Stars didn’t gravitate(move) to highly rated teams(or coaches) and stayed where they started. Not saying this is a bad thing, but there would probably be more parody.

  6. Anonymous

    -what it was like to coach the Wisconsin U 19 team
    -how you started to play rugby
    -gold fish
    -best movies/books you have ever read

  7. Katy

    your feelings on biting. like when very respectable, talented teams are losing and they resort to BITING adult women out of frustration rather than tackling hard or running low. Biting!

  8. Anonymous

    I suggest best socials, most naked memories, beer, most drunken rugby playing event…

    Oh, and for the nondrinkers: keychains, flavored water, Thanksgiving, chapstick and/or snowboarding.

    San Diego

  9. Blondie

    Okay … some of these are hilarious and some will require me to actually think. Well, you know, more than I usually do when I write. 😉

    And just because it’s been on my mind, I offer up Daylight Savings Time and the changing schedule of DST for next year.

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