Women’s College Rankings

Updated Women’s College Rankings via Goff on Rugby (Free, no subscription required):

Women’s National Collegiate Rankings
Updated Tuesday October 24, 2006

Last week’s rankings in parentheses
Teams that are not playing this fall are not ranked (i.e. Stanford, etc.)

1. Army (1)
Current Record 8-0
Much better depth than last year, lots of self belief, and some outstanding athletes.

2. Air Force (2)
Current Record 8-1
3-1 at High Desert, beating Black Ice club, New Mexico (17-0) and Northern Arizona, while losing to the Olde Girls of Glendale. Very patient. Defensively sound. Beat UNA with essentially a B team they are that deep.

3. Virginia (4)
Current Record 10-0
Very impressive 34-12 over Navy

4. Penn State (3)
Current Record 7-1
Proved their worth with a 24-5 win over Vassar and 68-0 over American Univerisity

5. New Mexico (6)
Current Record 5-1
Beat NA, CU, lost to AFA 17-0. Excellent weekend.

6. Navy (5)
Current Record 3-4
Tough schedule so far. Lost 34-12 to Virginia. Got Mason-Dixon and Penn State coming up.

7. Cornell (7)
Current Record 7-1
52-10 over Binghamton. As expected

8. West Chester (8)
Current Record 4-1

9. Yale (9)
Current Record 5-0
46-7 over Amherst. As expected

10. U. Northern Iowa (11)
Current Record 6-0
33-17 over Illinois. Weird since the two play again this weekend in playoffs. But neither team unleashed their best. UNI is very strong though.

11. Eastern Illinois (10)
Current Record 5-0
77-0 over Indiana. Good result against a fairly good team. Real test will be Texas A&M later.

12. Texas A&M (14)
Current Record 7-1
A couple of wins at High Desert, but best result was almost taking down UNM 17-15. Will play EIU later this fall and that’s going to be a good one.

13. Ohio State (12)
Current Record 3-2
46-7 over West Virginia. Got a really big win and the team kind of feels like their torrid beginning was a long, long time ago. They are almost starting fresh.

14. Vassar (13)
Current Record 5-2
Lost 24-5 to Penn State, beat Columbia 34-6. Winning well in their league. But can’t quite make that big-time leap.

15. Brown (17)
Current Record 4-1
31-12 over BC. Late player losses have hurt, but will ultimately make them stronger.

16. University of Buffalo (15)
Current Record 4-1
Quite unconvincing.

17. UMass (18)
Current Record 4-1
15-12 over Dartmouth. Shows how good the rankings are.

18. Dartmouth (20)
Current Record 7-3
Lost 10-12 to UMass.

19. Arizona State (19)
Current Record 0-0
Stanford 10s coming up and v. Stanford. Probably ranked too early.

20. Illinois (Unranked)
Current Record 4-2
Replace Colorado in Top 20. We’ll see if their performance against UNI holds it up.

Honorable mention: Too many to list

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