Help Needed – Spread the Word

Jessa in NY sent this to me … if you can help out, please do … and pass it on.

Line Out Bill has been taping our team for years all over the place…not to mention our NY tournament, and never asks for anything in return aside from the ability to sell tapes to people that want them ….

From: “Aubrey”
Subject: High Desert Classic Teams… please read… thx
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 20:56:28 -0600

I was going to send out a thank you to all the teams.. in the tournament tonight but will compose an email by the end of the week but something are more important and I wanted to give you some news.

Bill Burch from Lineout Video has been traveling from coast to coast taping rugby tournaments from a long time and that is his prime income. He is a nice man.. and hard worker. He drove all the way from Virginia to tape team games at the High Desert Rugby classic.

Over the 15 years that I have played rugby I have learned about the spirit of Rugby and that ALL rugby players have a bond of brother/sisterhood you can go anywhere and rugby players or teams will take care of most players especially when ruggers are in need.

Bill Burch’s van on Saturday night was broken in to and all his windows smashed in. After they broken in to his van they stole a lot of items out of the van including all the Saturday footage from the High Desert. They got two good cameras, Tripod, Laptop, rugby bag, 50 DVD movies, fire wire, jumper cables and also his cell phone and some other stuff. The stuff was hidden in the back out of site and was the only car broken in to so if anyone knows anything please let me know.

Here is the ruggers sticking together part:

If all the teams or individuals send him some money that would be good – any amount would help him out.. he still has a lot he will have to pay for even if he had insurance with deductibles plus not making any money for his business this weekend ANY amount would help I’m not asking to pay for a camera just send him some money to help the man out.

The Aardvarks and High Desert Committee is going to send him some equipment, rugby bag and some other stuff plus money. The Arkansas Iron Maidens are also going to do the same.

If you choose to send a check put what club you play for at the bottom so he know what team is supporting him in a time of need.

Send to: (Home Address)
Bill Burch
Lineout Video,inc
12605 Ben Fry Dr.
Chester,VA 23831

Contact info. If needed: or call Bill at 804-283-2517

Thanks Guys and Girls and I will send the tournament update later in the

Aubrey Edge
Aardvarks/High Desert Rugby Classic

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