A New Comments Policy

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but discussions over at K-Train’s blog and then Rachel’s blog brought it to a forefront this week.

K-Train had blogged about her thoughts on a recent game between the Philly Women and the New York Women and some possible “dirty” play, which drew serious ire from a few rather rude anonymous commenters and other more conscientious commenters who did identify themselves. Rachel’s posted that leaving an anonymous comment, especially a verbal attacking comment, is like starting a fight and then running away. I agree wholeheartedly with this.

So my new rule is that for all readers, if you choose to comment (which is awesome … stop lurking my little lurkers!), then I’ll continue to leave three options for leaving a comment:

1. If you’re a Blogger, you can sign in like usual.

2. You can sign off as “Other” which gives you a choice of signing a name without a Blogger account (Preferred!)

3. Anonymous (but you should still sign a name to your comment at the end!!)

I don’t want to bog people down with having to sign in just to leave a comment, but at the same time, I think all of us should OWN OUR WORDS. Further, leaving a name behind allows others to offer up discussion points to your comments if need be and the great conversations grow.

I won’t delete anonymous comments at first (unless they are completely stupid, useless or rude) but I’ll remind people about leaving a name. If anonymous comments prove to be a problem later, I will start deleting them if no names are left.

So help me out everyone … own your words. And Rachel had a great article on Blog Comment Etiquette here. As a reminder, I added a Comments section to the sidebar. 🙂

Thanks! – Blondie



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5 responses to “A New Comments Policy

  1. Anonymous

    Problem with anonymous comments is it promotes paranoia. One clear travesty was that the NYRC coach was misrepresented. The second phase of misrepresentation is that the offended may suspect the wrong person. This creates a corrosive domino effect that feeds into the glee of social pyromaniacs. None of this is true to our rugby community. Our opinions have they greatest impact when we are honest not to only what we think but to who were are!


    Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States

  2. Blondie

    Thank You for your opinion, Mr. President. 🙂

  3. rachel

    The other thing that I don’t know if people realize is that blog tools like sitemeter and extremetracker allow the blog owner to see what ip address comments are coming from (company and city) as well as traffic patterns.

    Making it easy to see if the same person is leaving rude comments, etc…so you might not be as anonymous as you think!

    Thanks Blondie for posting about etiquette!

  4. Anonymous

    To follow up on Mr President’s paranoia comment, the IP address with Site Meter is not accurate. In the ethernet network protocol multible sources may look like the same IP address. What you maybe seeing is traffic out of a hub and not a person’s computer(aka masking, NATing). Network providers like Time Warner and Comcast implement this scheme since they have millions of subscribers. They may trunk together traffic for an entire city or state under one IP address.

  5. Blondie

    Okay … first of all, last anonymous commenter, you’ve already failed to follow my polite request that everyone at least provide a name for identification. This is by no means a difficult thing to remember or oblige to me and I would hate to get to the point where I actually need to disallow anonymous posters (which would then require every commenter to sign in first and sucks).

    Secondly, yes, IP addresses can generalize/mask the location of someone, but I know my readers and traffic patterns very well and I pay attention to them, so I generally know individuals with their various IPs and their habits, commenters, etc.

    If someone wants to be all super secretive and troll around, that’s fine, but please know you’ll eventually be kicked out of my party. 🙂 That’s a promise.

    So, again, please respect me and my blog as I respect all of you. Own your words. Leave a name.

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