The young woman who works at our front desk confuses me.

And when I say young woman, I mean, either my age (29) or slightly younger, and I initially wrote girl … because age still doesn’t register in my brain accurately. Anyway …

She confuses me. She looks like a librarian. And at first I thought she might be very religious. Probably because I always saw her talking to our very religious accounting guy. But I think he just was her first “work friend”. She always wears her hair back in a very taut bun and she has glasses. And she’s always, always reading a book.

Her lunch breaks consist of her standing outside of our building reading a book. Standing up and reading a book. And then one day I saw her standing up, reading a book and smoking.

No offense to the smokers out there (save your health and mine, please quit!), but the smoking soooo didn’t fit in with my image of Front Desk Girl. Badasses smoke. Okay, that’s not true. But still, doesn’t fit. She has an almost saccharin personality. As sweet as sweet can be. But she’s also sarcastic to one of our program assistants (aka secretaries).

Sometimes I think, a job where all you had to do was answer the phone, greet people, and take messages would be so cake. And then you realize maybe just for an hour or so, but then you grow bored out of your damn mind. Maybe that’s why she’s always reading and smoking.

This is the type of person you want to see get really drunk someday. Just to see what happens …



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4 responses to “Observations

  1. mutantin

    maybe if you convince her to start plaing rugby, she’d quit smoking (naaah, that’s not going to happen, trust me, i’m a smoker!).
    and what’s weird about reading all the time?

  2. Blondie

    Nina –

    I don’t think she’s the rugby type and I don’t mix rugby with work anyway.

    And there’s nothing wrong with reading a lot, I do it myself, but she’s always got her face in a book. As if she’s blocking out the rest of the world … I’m not trying to pass judgement, like I said, it’s just observations.

  3. John

    “She looks like a librarian”

    There are some librarians reading this.

    Well, one anyway…

    And I bet she looks nothing like me…

  4. Erin

    Aha! Not the first librarian to comment. . .I guess we’re sensitive like that. =)

    -a non-smoking, but rugby-playing librarian (i guess we all try to be badasses in our own way, ESPECIALLY if you’re a librarian)

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