New Women’s Division II Rugby Site!

Originally linked in the comments by Nancy to yesterday’s Katy’s Rugby Ruminations, but I also found this information off one of my e-mail lists.

DII Ladies,
We would like to announce that the Women’s DII National Championship committee has launched a web page.

Details on this year’s event are available. Results of prior years have been reconstructed. Contact information is available. Use it in good health. Hopefully this will makes things easier for all involved with this event.

If you have comments, suggestions, corrections, etc, you can follow the link on the bottom of the page to send an email to the Web Master. If anyone has a Web Master in their organization who looks at this and say ‘I could do better’…please send them our way.


Nancy Campbell
USARS WDII Coordinator

Danita Knox
USARS Women’s Director

Go check out the site, some great info on the upcoming national championship in Raleigh, the goals of the D-II women and I really like the list of slogans. 🙂

DII – “Where every team still has a chance to win”
DII – “We don’t recruit our teams, we build them”
DII – “Unrecognized by the Establishment and Proud of It”
DII – “USA Rugby who?”
DII – “Thinking outside the box”

Got more D-II info to share? Let us know.

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