Rugby Bits and Bites

• A feature piece on a new team in New York and I believe the coach, Ann Brown, is a friend of our team here in Wisconsin and a former St. Lawrence University player. Good luck Ann!

Softball has emerged from baseball and has different rules, including shorter base-paths and underhanded pitching. Women’s ice hockey takes checking out of the game and women’s lacrosse is stricter than men’s to avoid hits. Not rugby. The rules for the girls are the same as the men and they allow for players to hit and be hit with no pads.

“Bringing it down to a girl’s level takes away respect,” said coach Ann Brown. “You can go out and level a girl in rugby.”

• Also a new team in Annapolis, but this piece ends with a weird quote. I’m not sure I would describe playing rugby together with my teammates as “traumatic”.

“Rugby is the type of game that gradually takes over your whole life,” Davis said. “It’s a hard, physical game and because of that people tend to bond more. It’s like we’re all going through the same traumatic experiences together.”

• USA Rugby now links to the IRB’s Total Rugby Radio on it’s web site. The home page has a logo link to listen.

BOULDER, Colo. — The IRB has now made the Total Rugby Radio program available as a web stream, making it possible for USA RUGBY clubs, colleges and unions across the U.S. to link directly to the show from

“In a continuing effort to promote rugby in America, USA Rugby is excited to offer this radio program as another benefit to its members and fans across the U.S.,” USA Rugby’s Vice President of Business Development, David Voth said.

Total Rugby is a free, once-a-week 26-minute radio program dedicated purely to rugby in all its forms around the world, from the Tri Nations and Six Nations to the North America 4 and Churchill Cup. Being the sister program of the IRB’s TV program of the same name, it also features regular interviews with the biggest names in the game. Total Rugby Radio refreshes its show every Thursday at 1 p.m. EST, giving viewers the most up-to-date international rugby news, matches, interviews, features and competitions.

To start listening to this week’s program, please go to and click on the Total Rugby Radio logo on the bottom of the home page.

Rugby Magazine updated it’s online articles for the month. Of particular note, the women’s player profile is New York and USA Eagle Kelly McMahon.

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One response to “Rugby Bits and Bites

  1. Amy

    I don’t like that end quote either. Most players wouldn’t describe rugby as traumatic, and it’s that indefinable difference between “us” and “them” that plays a part in why ruggers are such a close community.

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