Juggling …

USA U-19 Eagles head coach Bryn Chivers e-mailed me an interesting and entertaining way tip to improve your hand-eye coordination …

I like to juggle as it improves both my hand eye coordination and my periphery vision. I would take several sets of juggling balls/bean bags to every MW U23 event and teach players to juggle. I started this tradition with the USA U19 WNT this summer and several players went home with a new skill …….and way to entertain friends and family at the Holidays =)

It’s really easy to learn how to juggle and I recommend it for all players whose teammates label them with having “The dropsies” or “Hands of stone”. Here is a link to a very good series of videos for the beginner.


Go to the home page, click on “three balls” and watch the videos for Learning 1, 2 and 3 and you will be juggling in no time.

Then If you want to see a truly amazing juggling video go here… This guy takes juggling to an art form.

Bryn Chivers
Head Coach, USA U19 Women’s National Team

And Bryn, I got the t-shirt yesterday in the mail. Pretty funny. Thanks. I’ll take a photo and post it to share with everyone. 🙂

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