Wacky Weekend

I’m still sick … the congestion and coughing are just lingering a bit. And other than my office being freezing cold, I’m much better than last week.

Wacky weekend though. My boyfriend went to go look at a house he found on the web Friday and within the next seven hours, had put an offer in and had his offer accepted. I think he was in a daze after he found out his offer was accepted. It happened so fast because it was such a good deal, I only got to see the outside after he already “owned” it. It’s very cute though with a big back yard and this really good location only about five minutes from the neighborhood I grew up in. I think it was meant to happen. 🙂

So he can’t close until just before Christmas, so we’re shacking up a bit longer. Sinners!!

Even more funny, we moved the last of his stuff from his old place yesterday and decided to bring his nice squishy mattress up to my apartment and just throw it on top of my mattress. This is a great plan, except now my bed is chest level. Not kidding. I already had a really tall bed because I have my elevated so I can fit storage bins underneath it. Adding his mattress, I have to climb up on to it to go to sleep. And my cat has to take a bit of a running jump. We just kept laughing about it last night. I might have to take a photo.

It reminds me of the Princess and the Pea fairytale


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