Operation Pepper Has Commenced

Last night, in a brief flurry of energy before going to bed exhausted, and after finding that every single electrical cord in my apartment had chew marks on it, I commenced with Operation Pepper.

Tools & Skills Required:
– Clear packing tape
– Scissors
– bowl
– wooden spoon
– three small “super pepper” hot peppers off of Tim and my plants on our windowsill (20x stronger than a jalopeno)
– 1/4 cup of vinegar
– Cunning intelligence
– flexibility

I started by first taping all of my loose cords either up against the wall flat and as high as they could go or pulling them taut and taping them to the table, tucking them in, etc.

Then I took my three peppers, vinegar and used the wooden spoon to mash the peppers into the vinegar to make my own personal cat-deterrent. I tested the strength of the deterrent by making Jib sniff the bowl, which he promptly backed away from, and then backed away from some more. Success? I rallied forward.

I then applied my pepperific cat deterrent to any of the remaining sections of cord which could not be hidden/taped away from my cat’s need to nibble. I also had to wash my hands twice because it stung my fingertips a bit. And I also ignored Tim teasing me because I had said I was going to bed just before I started Operation Pepper. But since Jib has been waking us up at either 3:30 a.m. or 6 a.m. by chewing on the cords in our room, so that one of us gets up and chases him or gets up and gives him some milk, I needed to put a stop to his antics (aka his training of the humans).

It’s too early to tell long-term success … but no cords were chewed on last night. And the only one this morning was when Tim was checking his work on his laptop (with a cord borrowed from a coworker) and Jib went in for the kill. I had to lure him away with canned cat food … Grilled Chicken Feast.

I won’t go into the greater ramifications of this post that might imply that I’m either A. Crazy, B. Stoned on Cold Medicine, C. Obsessed with my Cat or D. All of the Above.


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