Hello Canada!

I just got a really nice e-mail …

Hi Blondie! I just wanted to say I think your site is amazing. I literally spent the last hour at school just clicking on different sites and reading some of your blogs. You must have put a ton of effort and time into the site. You sound like a hard core rugby player and that kicks ass. My name is Angela and I play flanker for St. Thomas Univsersity. That is located in New Brunswick, Canada. Here’s a link if you are interested: www.stu.ca Keep up the site, Saturday is a Rugby Day!!

So, besides the fact that I get a little shy and blush when I get stuff like this, and I’m not hard core by any means 🙂 (can you be mid core?), I thought it was cool that Angela is from a team in Canada. And further proof that my blog provides people with several methods of not working on homework or projects at their jobs, which really, is the ultimate goal of any blogger. That or babbling incoherently about their cat chewing on electrical cords. Either Or.

But seriously, thanks for the e-mail Angela. And I’ll add St. Thomas to my list of international teams.

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