Opportunities, Challenges

Home again today. Cold medicine just kicked in and I’m sitting on my couch watching Al and Ann on The Today Show learn braising techniques with one of the host chefs from Top Chef.

Now some guy from American Idol is singing … Ruben. I never watch that show. He has a nice R&B voice though.

So, my cold is a doozy, but I’m going back to work tomorrow no matter what. Just too much to do. And despite the fact that I know I’m exhausted from the past month of busy work, life and rugby, having yesterday and today to find my pace again has already helped me feel better mentally. The cold will pass. Everything happens for a reason. This is just God’s way of saying, you need a break.

Interesting opportunities happening lately. And I need to not let them pass. I won’t talk about them now, but later when it’s more timely, I’ll share. Good things though … I’m also going through a challenging time right now with my job, my career choice, finances and where I’m going with my life. So I just keep thinking that I wouldn’t be getting these small opportunities offered to me if I wasn’t on the right path and that no matter how hard things get, it will all work out.

Everyone’s been there … right?

Count your blessings, shake things off and just keep on moving up the field.

Plus … I just saw a commercial for Martha Stewart’s talk show and Charo will be singing and she just told Martha she needs to show off some more of her “marachas”. And I’m going to learn how to make glittery pumpkins. Some guy is on with the world-record with a 10-foot squash. Seriously … that is a really long squash.


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