Janey from Seattle just sent me two women’s links I was missing. Thanks Janey!

She used to play for the Lehigh Valley Women in Pennsylvania and now plays for the Seattle Mudhens (which I was surprised I was missing!).

Check out these teams and have a great weekend everyone!

Added: Another rugby blogger, Sara at the Sara L. Julian Experience, but I believe she’s retired now. Still writing though, so she’s on the list.

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2 responses to “linky-loos

  1. Sara

    Hey, thanks for the link!

    I use to be the Women’s Club Admin for the Northeast Rugby Union, 2000-2004 too. Haven’t played since 2000, but I still love it!!!


  2. jester

    Hey check out

    Awesome women’s rugby calendars on sale… fundraising for Oregon Sports Union Women’s Rugby Club.

    They’ve made the Sweet 16’s and are headed to KC. Go Jesters1

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