Bon Anniversaire

One year ago today, after a few days of thinking about it, I started my blog and wrote this post, very timidly, about the seeds for the World Cup.

The only person I told about my blog that first day was my friend Kim out in Colorado.

She helped me think about a good name. The other options were okay, I had a big list of my brainstorming, but then Saturday’s A Rugby Day popped into my head, it’s a great song every rugger knows and I couldn’t find anyone else using it.

I didn’t write a second post until November (my bio post is backdated) and then I just tried to post every weekday since then. For the first month or two, I was amazed that I had even 7 people a day visiting my blog, mostly just Blogger readers hitting the “Next Blog” link. And I remember the first time an actual other rugby player read and commented. I believe it was Annie in Tennessee. 🙂 Thanks Annie.

So, today is the one-year anniversary of my little blog. And a lot has changed. I know a lot more now about blogging, html, web design in general, fun tools. And I have met a lot of cool people via the blog and its readers, plus I’d like to think we have built ourselves quite the little rugby community via the web (and this blog is just a small part of it). As of this morning, I have had over 26,000 visits to the blog and counting.

So here’s to one good year. And I hope the next year is even better. For all of us. 🙂

Thank You!


As I was just about to hit “publish”, our men’s coach just let me know that one of his former U-19 players was shot and killed last night up north. Just 21 years old.

This coach and I have frequent conversations about our rugby aches and pains. After he told me about the shooting, he said that hearing about the loss of this player – a “good kid” – reminds him how lucky he is to have lived his life, even with all of his aches and pains.

Enjoy today everyone. Enjoy every day.


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One response to “Bon Anniversaire

  1. annie

    hi blondie – glad i could be part of your blog’s history! i still read your blog all the time. it’s still the best women’s rugby site on the web! keep up the great work.

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