It’s cold. Really cold. And it’s supposed to snow. And I can’t find any of my winter hats from when I moved. And I have practice tonight outside in the cold.


Updated: What was a dark and cold day yesterday is a bit warmer, a bit sunnier and looking up today.

After digging out every possible layer of clothing I could wear to practice last night – long underwear, spandexy running pants, rugby shorts and my lined warm-up pants all on the legs – plus socks! – and then long-sleeved shirt, old college rugby jersey, hooded sweatshirt, fleece and my old badger windbreaker plus my favorie Chicago Blackhawks baseball hat and because I couldn’t find my mittens, a pair of fuzzy pink socks on my hands, I picked up Ber (who laughed at my sock-mittens) and we braved the cold. Thankfully we just did some basics, braved the cold together and talked about just doing our best this weekend and having fun because we made it to the Midwest Final Four. Pinkie also informed me I looked like a marshmallow.

I gave our rookie Kendra a ride home after we made a stop for some Guu and energy-drink powder I now love for games plus a discussion of the finer points of Underarmour and the new colors, plus how freaking expensive that stuff is, with Izzy in the sporting goods store last night. Then I stopped by my parents to check in, have a nice long talk with my mom and came home to find Tim and my cat watching tv together. 🙂 They have a bachelor’s weekend together this weekend. I told Tim no kitty porn.

Best of all, this morning it occurred to me that I had used all of my winter hats, mittens and scarves to pack some breakables when I moved and they were in a box under my bed. AWESOME!! I was so warm and cozy on my bike ride into work.

Today is work, tonight we leave at 6 p.m. for the long drive north to the Cities to play the Minnesota Valkyries tomorrow. I hope the sun is out.



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2 responses to “*sigh*

  1. srose

    No matter how cold it is, you will always have your pink sock-mittens and nothing will ever change that. Except for those unruly sock-eating dryer demons…

  2. Katy

    i hate practicing in the cold ONLY because it makes my lungs hurt. last night I used my neck gator as a breath warmer instead of an ear warmer for the first time and i think that made a big difference! perhaps wear a scrum cap and neck gator and you’ll be all set?

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