Women’s Club Playoffs

Other than here in the Midwest, all of the playoff seeds are set for Sweet 16s.

Goff (subscription required) was kind enough to type them up for us. Here is the USA Rugby bracket as well.

[He’s counted my team out of further play based on regular-season results. More fuel for the fire, that’s all I have to say …]

Pool A, Columbia, SC
Pacific #1, Berkeley All-Blues (defeated ORSU in playoffs over the weekend)
Mid-Atlantic #3 Philadelphia (lost 10-7 to DC Saturday)

West #1 Austin (won West playoffs this weekend)
Mid-Atlantic #1 (defeated Philly 10-7 to finish season 3-0)

Pool D, Columbia, SC
Northeast #2 Beantown (lost to New York in NRU final)
Midwest #3 Chicago North Shore sits in 3rd place right now … playoffs coming)

Pacific #3 Emerald City (defeated Seattle on Saturday)
South #1 Atlanta (nobody else)

Pool C Kansas City, Mo.
Northeast #1 New York (defeated Keystone and Beantown to win NRU)
Mid-Atlantic #2 NOVA (finished league season 2-1)

West #2 Kansas City (lost to Austin in West final)
Midwest #2 Twin Cities sits in 2nd place right now … playoffs coming

Pool B Kansas City, Mo.
Northeast #3 Keystone (defeated Boston to take 3rd in NRU)
Pacific #2 ORSU (lost playoff with Berkeley)

West #3 Olde Girls (beat Black Ice to take 3rd in West)
Midwest #1 Minnesota sits in 1st place right now … playoffs coming

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