Blessed Curse

E-mails are flying around our team list today as we finalize our plans for the Midwest Tournament this weekend.

It’s awesome that we have finally earned a spot back at Midwests, but since our team hasn’t been there in at least a few years, we are trying to pull all of the logistics together with travel, hotels, last-second fundraising, players and the paperwork.

We’ve certainly learned a few things too for next year. It sounds silly, but at least for a few years, we always wanted to go to Midwests, but never truly planned for it in the long-term. Next year, I’m making sure our budget and everything else includes that we will be going farther in the season, so we aren’t scrambling last second. So if we go, we’re already ready. And if we don’t, we can just transfer those plans/funds to something else.

It’s going to be a long weekend too … Looks like we’ll be playing the Valkyries Saturday and then – based on regular-season standings – North Shore Sunday. But you never know what we’ll happen … that’s what great about sports and rugby in particular.

I’ll bring my laptop and camera this weekend … maybe do a bit of blogging.

Oh and Tim finally went to the doctor yesterday. He broke the bone at the base of his middle finger (I knew it!!), which isn’t a bad break at all, but because of the break’s location near the tip of the bone, if he jams that finger back at all, it could break off the bone and lodge itself in the joint and cause some worse damage. Ouch. So, he has to stay out of training this week and their game this weekend, but that’s okay because his knee has been bothering him too and he’s got lots of work to do anyway. After that, I doubt he’ll listen to anyone, including me, that he shouldn’t play until it’s healed.

But like I should say anything … I broke a bone in each of my hands and played through both in the past year or so. Do as I say, not as I do. 😉

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