A Big Weekend!

It was a busy weekend in women’s rugby circles, wasn’t it? Check out the post below for recaps and seedings in the comments.

And Congrats to all of the teams for great seasons as we all prep for playoffs.

And if anyone knows the Twin Cities Amazons vs. Chicago North Shore score from Saturday, let me know. I haven’t heard yet.

This weekend, the weather was gorgeous in Wisconsin. Sunny, 70s, big blue skies. And no rugby for me. Tim and I got up early Saturday, took care of some errands and went to his team’s field so he could warm up for his game, while I cracked open a tasty Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss beer and a book.

I got to be a fan, shot some photos and my friends Kristy and Alvar caught the end of the game so we could chat for a while. Our men’s team beat the Milwaukee Rugby Club 30-17, including a try by Tim despite the fact that his left hand is all swollen and bruised (and likely a broken bone in there somewhere) because he bent all of his fingers backwards in the middle of the game. I have yet to persuade him to see a doctor or get some x-rays. We rugby players can be so dumb sometimes.

After the game, Tim and I went to his old roommate’s wedding. We missed the ceremony but caught the reception. Reception was nice, food was good (although not “phenomenal” as the girl sitting next to kept exclaiming) and we danced for a while, before we got tired and went home.

Sunday, we drove outside of the city and went hiking at Blue Mounds State Park. The weather was even better than on Saturday. We stopped and bought some drinks and snack crackers to munch on as we hiked, but I forgot my backpack so I made due with a plastic bag tied to my belt which proved humorous as we attempted to hike and munch. And noisy. We climbed two wooden towers to see the views and just enjoy the sights and smells of a warm fall day.

This week … LOTS and LOTS of work, rugby practice and then a trip up to Minneapolis for our Midwest Tournament Friday night. Let the playoffs begin.

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4 responses to “A Big Weekend!

  1. Maggie

    Zons beat Northshore 22-19

  2. K-Train

    PWRFC fell to the DC Furies, 10-7

  3. Anonymous

    Pacific Coast seeding is set:
    #1: Berkeley All-Blues
    #2: ORSU
    #3: Mudhens

    Berkeley beat ORSU (46-10)
    Mudhens beat Seattle (34-7)

  4. Anonymous

    Austin will be headed to SC for Round of 16. The KC Jazz conceded the match on Sunday as they don’t have enough money to travel to SC.

    Congrats Valks!!

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