Games to Watch This Weekend

Some women’s games to watch this weekend …

• I’ll be watching this playoff with interest, the Northeast Women are battling for their Sweet 16 seedings. Boston, Beantown, New York and Keystone all meet in Phoenixville, PA … Beantown, New York and Keystone are all tied 2-1 in the league, but Beantown leads due to points, New York is second and Keystone lacked bonus points and is third. So Beantown plays Boston, New York plays Keystone. All Eagles are also back in play, but these teams are strong without Eagles as well. Goff’s got more here if you have a subscription.

• West Women’s Playoffs this weekend in Austin, TX to determine their three seeds for Sweet 16s … favorites are the Austin Valkyries, Denver HOGs and the third seed is a toss-up. Also, can someone explain why Texas A&M is playing in a senior women’s tourney? Is this a senior team with a college name?

Sat 9:00am
Valkyries (#1) vs. St. Louis Sabres ($5)
Olde Girls (#2) vs. Texas A&M (#6)

Sat 12:15pm
Black Ice (#4) vs. St. Louis Sabres (#5)
KC Jazz (#3) vs. Texas A&M (#6)

Sat 4:15pm
Valkyries (#1) vs. Black Ice (#4)
Olde Girls (#2) vs. KC Jazz (#4)

Women’s 5th/6th place
Women’s 3rd/4th place
Women’s Championship Match

• Here in the Midwest (YEAH!!), my team has it’s bye, but we’re all watching for the score between the Twin Cities Amazons and Chicago North Shore down in Chicago. The Minnesota Valkyries also are in the Windy City to play the Chicago Women. Results of this weekend determine the final seeds for next weekend’s Midwest D-1 Tournament up in Minnesota. But unless our friends down in Chicago can rally the troops and pull out some kind of miracle to beat the Valks, the seeding will be No. 1 Valks playing No. 4 Wisconsin and the Zons and North Shore playing each other as the No. 2 and No. 3 seeds for a second week in a row.

• The USA South has it’s D-2 Women’s Championships in Memphis, TN and here’s a revised schedule after Orlando had to drop out …

Saturday, October 7:
Semi-Final 1: Naples vs Memphis @ 10:30 am
Semi-Final 2: Bragg vs Fort Lauderdale @ 1:15 pm

Sunday, October 8:
Consolation Final: Loser Semi-Final 1 vs. Loser Semi-Final 2 @ 9:30 am
Final: Winner Semi-Final 1 vs. Winner Semi-Final 2 @ 11:00 am

Got a game to share? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to share your scores for all games at all levels!

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9 responses to “Games to Watch This Weekend

  1. Anonymous

    Playoffs out west too!
    ORSU vs Berkeley for Pacific Coast #1 and #2
    Seattle vs Emerald City Mudhens for Pacific Coast #3

  2. Emily

    Texas A&M is playing to round out the brackets (as per my alumni email this morning). They can’t move on obviously.

    Also this weekend is Philly vs. DC, which will decide MARFU #1 and #3!!

  3. Katy

    Important league matches in D2 Midwest. Pittsburgh beat Detroit (I believe for the first time ever!!!) to secure a playoff berth. There’s some hot action going on through the Midwest D2. It will be exciting to see who advances to Raleigh for nationals.

  4. Anonymous

    NY beat Keystone yesterday 50-15 in the first round of the NRU championships…Beantown beat Boston as well, so NY and Beantown will meet today for the NRU championship (and to decide #1 and #2 NRU seeds) while Keystone and Boston compete for the #3 and final NRU seed to the round of 16.

  5. Anonymous

    A&M originally entered the social bracket, but no other teams entered so the organizers thought they would let the gals play the senior sides and let me tell you, they did AWESOMELY!!! They tied the Colorado Olde Girls (a RANKED woman’s team), aka the HOGS 10-10, technically beat them, but a try was awarded to the HOGS that was actually held up. The A&M B-side started against the KC Jazz and lost soundly 40-0. Then they BEAT the St. Louis Sabres 3 tries to one. I think it was 15-5 or 15-7.

    Just to let you know, the Austin Valkyries took the West Championship, KC Jazz took second, Colorado Olde Girls took 3rd, Black Ice took 4th, and the Sabres were 5th (actually 6th since they went 0-3, losing to the college team, yikes!) I guess that means the HOGS weren’t really 3rd either since they tied A&M.

  6. Anonymous

    NY beat Beantown in the NRU finals today 35-6 to earn the #1 NRU seed. Beantown will be #2, and Keystone (winning over Boston today in the 3rd place match) will take NRU #3.

  7. Anonymous

    in the northwest, Berkeley beat ORSU to get #1 while ORSU got #2 and the Mudhens beat Seattle getting the Pacific #3 spot. Berkeley also beat the hastily thrown together Loggers (NW rep side) team.

  8. Anonymous

    Technically a college team can move on but that would mean they’re not elligible to play in college level championships for the remainder of the ’06-’07 season.

    As for the rest of the West Tournament, the KC Jazz threw the championship match with the Austin Valkyries so that they could be in Kansas City for the Round of 16 instead of having to fly to South Carolina if they’d won and gone on as West #1. Awful to watch.

  9. Meredith

    Washington beat Philadelphia 10-7 in DC. Very frustrating for Philly who lost to NOVA and DC by 3 points each. MARFU results are
    #1 Washington
    #2 NOVA
    #3 Philadelphia
    #4 Maryland (not moving on)

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