So wrong

I fully admit that I am not a baseball fan. I can think of no other televised sporting event to sit through where I would prefer to jab myself in the eye with a salty stick instead.

Some of you might say golf, but golf is quiet and you can nap and not miss too much.

Granted, every so often, I’ll actually play the game (because you get to drink lots of BEER afterwards) or attend a live game at Miller Park or Wrigley Field (because you get to drink lots of BEER and eat yummy FOOD before, during and afterwards).

So yeah, I don’t go ga-ga over baseball players. In fact, I think they are probably the least athletic of the professional athletes in our country. And we won’t even go into the farce that is steroid use and the alleged records being broken all the time.

But for some reason today, I decided to peruse ESPN and found this story as one of headlines. And it made me sick and gave me one more reason to dislike baseball. Be sure to take a look at the accompanying photo with the link as well.

Wife of Phillies’ Myers wants assault case dropped
Associated Press

BOSTON — The wife of Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Brett Myers does not want her husband prosecuted for allegedly hitting her face on a street near Fenway Park, but authorities are not prepared to drop the case.

Myers appeared in Boston Municipal Court on Thursday for a pretrial hearing. Authorities say he was arguing with his wife, Kim, shortly after midnight June 23 when he struck her. One witness also told investigators he pulled her hair.

Police responded to a 911 call and found her crying and with a swollen face, prosecutors said. Officers found Myers nearby and arrested him. The 6-foot-4, 240-pound pitcher was booked by police, and his wife posted his $200 bail.

Assistant District Attorney Susan Terrey said authorities want Myers to plead guilty to assault, serve two years of probation, enter a program for spousal abusers and undergo alcohol abuse evaluation.

“In my conversation with Mrs. Myers, she indicated that she did not want this case to be prosecuted,” Terrey told Judge Raymond Dougan.

Terrey said Kim Myers described a night of “heavy alcohol use” and an “argument that escalated into the defendant using physical force” against her.

Myers, an ace of the Phillies staff, finished the season 12-7 with a 3.91 ERA. He was treated as a celebrity Thursday by court officers, who shook his hand. One told him, “Good luck, it will be all right” while another said, “Nice seeing you again.”

Now I’ll be the first to state that there are always multiple sides to a story. Maybe they were both really drunk, maybe she hit him first, maybe he’s a complete asshole …

But I just can’t get past the idea that he’s clearly much bigger than her, there’s proof that she was hit and then the COURT OFFICERS shook his hand and wished him good luck in his case when he appeared in court.

So whoever the authorities are prosecuting this case, good job. This guy should learn to put his aggression out on the baseball field, not his wife’s face. But I hope somebody talks to the court officers about their star-struck unprofessional and disturbing behavior.

The boy’s club doesn’t apply to the courts of law.


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