Wisconsin 23, Chicago 8

It wasn’t pretty, but we won on Saturday. And this means my team has qualified for the Midwest Tournament, Oct. 14-15 in Minneapolis, for the first time in at least four years.

So congrats to my team! It’s a been a long time coming since we’ve been rebuilding the team for the past few years after a mass retirement, disorganization and even a year without coaching. And as I told our team, we’ve been the thorn in the paw of all of our league opponents this season. It’s a pretty good feeling. πŸ™‚

I’m pretty sore and tired today still. Loads of bruises and helping Tim move yesterday with several trips up and down my three flights of stairs didn’t help the soreness at all. But he took me to PF Chang’s for a belated birthday dinner last night, so at least I’m a well-fed sore. I also have a bit of a black eye that developed from some goofiness at our third half, but it just blends in with the bruise on my forehead from the game (and no, I don’t remember how I bruised my forehead).

I almost forgot … I started at flanker, locked for a bit, flanked to finish the game and then played wing in the b-side. Seriously … No. 1 – 14, I’m all over the place. And no, not a fullback since my kicking is what can only be described as fluky or “special”. But how many of you played three positions on Saturday, huh? πŸ˜‰

In the rest of our league, the Minnesota Valkyries shutout North Shore, 43-0, and the Amazons used their bye weekend to host the Atlanta Harlequins and the Denver Harlequin Olde Girls (aka HOGs). One of my former teammates Amy told me Atlanta beat the Zons 19-15 and also beat the Hogs, but no score on that or the Zons vs. the HOGs.

Great pictures on Dropkick though of all the games up in the Twin Cities and worth noting that all of the World Cup Eagles are now back in Action for their respective teams.

Got scores or recaps? Please leave them in the comments. And for the fellow bloggers, please do me a favor and don’t just put a link to your blog, but actually leave a recap and then the link, since some of us (myself included) don’t have eons to surf the web.

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3 responses to “Wisconsin 23, Chicago 8

  1. Anonymous

    Philadelphia 60
    Maryland 7

    Philly vs DC result this wkd will determine rankings for USA Rugby Round of 16 for NOVA, DC, and Philly

  2. Anonymous

    atlanta 26
    hogs 0

  3. Anonymous

    olde girls 21
    zons 10

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