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How My Family Celebrates Halloween

We dress up our pets in rediculous outfits … like my male cat in a pretty pink princess outfit.

Here he is trying to get the cape off. We call this the “Liberace” shot. 🙂

Added: Flickr photos tagged “halloween” and “costume” of other people’s pets in costumes and lots of other Halloween shots for any of you needing inspiration for a last-second costume.


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Midwest D-2 Women’s Championships Update

Goff’s got his recap here (subscription required), but here are the scores from the tournament down in Ohio, hosted by the Scioto Valley Women …

Day 1 – Bad weather and very windy conditions
– Minneapolis Menagerie 15, Scioto Valley 10 … Scioto Valley had a 10-0 lead over the Menagerie, but lost players to injury and had to play with less numbers for the final 25 minutes, letting the Menagerie back into the game.

– Pittsburgh Angels shut out the Detroit Women 15-0, using “good ball movement despite the conditions” according to Goff.

Day 2 – Better weather on Sunday
– Consolation Match: Detroit defeated Scioto Valley, 24-12

– Championship Match: Pittsburgh beat Minneapolis 26-12 … a close game tied up at 12-12 until the final 10 minutes, Pittsburgh rallied to score two unanswered tries to seal the win.

Overall, this must’ve been a hell of a weekend of games. My team has played both the Menagerie and Detroit at least twice each in the past few years and these games are never easy. Based on the close scores, I can only assume Pittsburgh and Scioto Valley are on par with the skills of these teams and these were some great, hard-hitting rugby games.

I am sore just thinking about it. 🙂

And now with the Midwest’s top two teams decided, the seedings for the upcoming D-2 Women’s National Championships are as follows:

Mid-Atlantic #1: Raleigh Venom
Midwest #1: Pittsburgh Angels
Northeast #1: Albany
Midwest #2: Minneapolis Menagerie
Mid-Atlantic #2: NOVA B
USA Rugby South #1: Naples
Northeast #2: Seacoast
USA Rugby South #2: Fort Lauderdale

To see the schedule of games and for more information, see the new D-2 Women’s site.

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Last Day of October …



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Women’s 7s Team Officially Announced for NAWIRA

Via USA Rugby this afternoon:

BOULDER, Colo. – National Sevens Team Coach Julie McCoy has officially announced today the U.S. Women’s Development Team that will compete in the North America and West Indies Rugby Union (NAWIRA) Sevens Tournament on Nov. 11-12 in Bridgetown, Barbados.

The U.S. development team includes Olivia Anglade (Stanford University); co-captain Annie Antar (Atlanta Harlequins); Christine Barber (Buffalo); Tania Carlson (Chicago Northshore); Liz Dilly (Washington Furies); co-captain Sue Hanson (Wisconsin); Kate Hennenberg (Chicago Northshore); Jackie Limberg (Chicago Northshore); and Laurel Stender (Las Vegas).

CORRECTION FROM USA RUGBY: The U.S. development team includes Olivia Anglade (Stanford University); co-captain Annie Antar (Atlanta Harlequins); Christine Barber (Buffalo); Amanda Bonnano (Miami RFC); Tania Carlson (Chicago Northshore); Liz Dilly (Washington Furies); co-captain Sue Hanson (Wisconsin); Kate Hennenberg (Chicago Northshore); Rebecca Royce (ORSU); and Laurel Stender (Las Vegas).

Coach Mark Santiago and Manager Sheri Hunt will accompany the team to Barbados, where seven teams will play a round robin format over two days. Besides the U.S. Development Team, the women’s teams involved in the tournament will be Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Guyana, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, and Barbados.

“This development team includes some of the best young sevens players in the country,” Coach Mark Santiago said. “Our obvious goal is to win the NAWIRA Tournament, but even more important than that is developing these young players’ skills and commitment to the game, as they will most likely be our World Cup contenders come 2009. We also look to develop the West Indies women’s game because the more improved the competition becomes, the better everyone gets.”

For more information on the U.S. Women’s Sevens programs, please log on to or email Sara John at For more information on the NAWIRA Sevens Tournaments, please log on to

And I just met Mark Santiago this weekend. Turns out he and my boyfriend played college rugby together. Small world. Best of luck Eagles!

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Taking Ideas for NaBloPoMo

Since I am now committed to blogging for every single day of November as a participant in NaBloPoMo (aka National Blog Posting Month), I figured I might need some inspiration and I turn to you, the awesome readers of Saturday’s A Rugby Day, to help a sister out.

Please leave me topic ideas in the comments. The more, the merrier. Any topic you feel like. I’m serious. If I get enough topics, I’ll pick one each day from the list and blog a post on it, in addition to my regular rugby and Blondie postings (those would be the rediculous ones).

Seriously … any topic. Chocolate, weasels, gymnastics, gravity, random questions from Deal or No Deal, ex-boyfriends, my lack of ex-girlfriends (that one’s for you pink), gymnastic weasels eating chocolate blogging about their ex-girlfriends.

Bring it on.

I start on Wednesday, November 1. That’s All Saint’s Day for any of you fellow Catholic School kids. Oh, When the Saints, Oh When the Saints Go Marching In …


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I love my cat, but …

This is a rather memorable video short encouraging you to play rugby from the English RFU’s Go Play Rugby campaign.

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Sisters of Mercy

A feature article on the Gonzaga Women’s Rugby Team …

These ‘Sisters’ bruised, bonded by rugby
Paul Miller
Posted: 10/27/06
“Ruck me, chuck me, make me bleed. Hardcore rugby’s all I need!”

This chant starts every practice and game for the Sisters of Mercy, Gonzaga’s women’s rugby team.

Junior Laura Brown, captain and three year veteran of The Sisters of Mercy Rugby Club, chose to play rugby for a variety of reasons.

“The sense of community that rugby portrays on and off the field is amazing,” Brown said. “I have met so many people and made many friendships that will last a lifetime. Oh, and tackling people is pretty fun too!”

“The bumps and bruises are worn by our team with pride,” senior co-captain Alicia Brown said.

The Sisters of Mercy have been back in action for three years. The team went dormant in the early ’90s due to lack of interest.

“The interest in women’s rugby has grown, and each year more and more women ruggers are coming out to play,” Coach Jason Stenzel said. “It is a fun, competitive and rewarding sport on many levels.”

One of the greatest benefits of playing rugby is the friendships that are made, according to freshman Meredith Coleman.

“The girls are all awesome -they’re honest and very easy to get along with,” Coleman said. “It is a demanding sport, and the reason that I’ve stuck with it is simply the people. The girls are all amazing and crazy-fun.”

Besides physically trying to slay their opponents during a match, these furious females represent Gonzaga to the best of their ability.

“Our team motto is ‘classy not trashy,'” said Alicia Brown. “We try really hard to keep it clean out on the pitch and make sure we positively represent Gonzaga during away games.”

After each rugged game, both teams get together and meet for a barbecue to get to know one another.

“It is a very European sport which emphasizes the sense of community,” Laura Brown said. “We are enemies on the field but friends off the field and typically everyone gets along great.”

The Sisters of Mercy have a demanding schedule. The team practices every Tuesday and Thursday and plays games every other Saturday.

“The games are great because it is when you get to put all the little pieces of practice together,” Coleman said. “We work as a team and have an awesome winning record that couldn’t be achieved without the dedication and desire that our team has.”

The Sisters of Mercy are undefeated in league and Laura Brown doesn’t see the momentum slowing down.

“I am extremely confident in our team this year and always have been for that matter,” she said. “This year we have really stepped up our game and improved all around. We have great coaches and a positive team that likes to play good, clean rugby.”

The women ruggers defeated Central Washington last weekend 31-15.

The Sisters of Mercy’s next game is Saturday on the road against the University of Montana. They return home to Mulligan Field on Nov. 11 to take on Whitman College.

Rugby is “crazy-fun”. 🙂 That should be my new blog motto. Saturday’s A Rugby Day … Adding the Crazy-Fun to Your Workday!

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