Friday … How I ‘Heart’ Thee

Some Friday morning meanderings …

• I think someone needs to give me a birthday cake intervention. Today is the first day all week that I haven’t eaten cake on (and there are at least 6 pieces left!!) so far … and I’m superbly aware of this fact. And yet … I don’t care. I like it!

• Today is my friend Shannon’s 29th birthday. Shannon and I failed our first driver’s license tests together on the same day. We spent that day, some Saturday about this time 13 years ago as distraught 16-year-olds in tears. Now, Shannon’s coming to watch her first rugby game this weekend and party with my team and I. She bought “rugby game spectating” jeans in preparation. I think she also has a crush on one of my teammates. This amuses me to no end. This teammate of mine reads this blog. This can only lead to wicked wicked amusement on my part. Smirkity-smirk-smirk.

• And guess what? Shannon’s birthday gift from me?! My own birthday cake!! It’s still good. Do you know how many preservatives are in that frosting? I’m already practically embalmed.

• Do you know what else is happening this weekend? I think my boyfriend is going to start camping at my apartment. It’s not technically “moving in” because it’s temporary since he’s going to buy a house or condo soon and is talking to real estate agents. But still … I have to clean up all of my dirty laundry piles, empty out a closet, hide all of my snacks (birthday cake!), make him a key (b/c I only have one), put the feminine hygiene products back in the closet … this could be interesting. And I was just kidding about all the snacks. I am however looking forward to not having to stay over at his old house and my rent will be a bit cheaper for a while … and my cat loves to sleep on his pillow when he’s visiting. My cat has a kitty man-crush on him.

• And oh yeah, Mom, family … Tim’s staying with me for a while.

• We have to line our field tonight. Everyone think happy thoughts that it isn’t raining or something else which would annoy me further …

• Tomorrow we play the Chicago Women at 2 p.m. in our last regular-season league match. It should be a good game and one we can win. Which would mean we could qualify for the Midwest Tournament, something we haven’t done in a few years as our team has struggled. I’ve been informed that I could be flanking, scrumhalfing, or any back position. I said let me know by 1:55 tomorrow.

• Practice was okay last night. Lots of up-downs. No mosquitos (Thanks Frost!). I practiced with both the forwards and the backs. I’m an ambi-player.

• I have to go buy my cat some food tonight. Last weekend I ran out of his regular food and had to buy Friskies at the gas station near my house. He liked this at first, but now he’s not eating it and will only eat his moist food and milk. I keep forgetting to buy him his normal food though (Iams) so hopefully his little furry digestive system won’t implode and kill him and then I’ll be sad and cleaning up dead cat stuff off of my wood floors in my apartment.

• I don’t have cable television, so I’m limited to NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, the CW (formerly the WB) and public television. This has interestingly changed my viewing habits. For instance, for two weeks in a row now, I have watched Wife Swap and it actually sucked me in. It was the one with the Pirate family and the Anal Labeling family that got me first, last week was the Video-Game Obsessed Family with the mom that brought her super geeky husband and son dinner at their computers and the Super-Jock family that was so busy, they didn’t spend any time together. I can’t believe I watch Wife Swap. I should read a book.

• I need to get some work done now. You should too. Happy Friday and good luck tomorrow if you’re playing.

UPDATE: My cake-free day was thwarted! One of my co-worker’s last days at work was today and they had a huge yummy cake covered with sunflowers. You can’t turn down last day at work cake!!

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