Rugby Bits & Bites … Enhanced with Purple Frosting

• Via USA Rugby, the new Board has made a big To-Do list and in case you missed it earlier, the 2007 Championship sites are set and you can buy your tickets for the USA 7s now.

• More importantly, USA Rugby is building momentum with their work on the Youth and High School rugby development (High Fives to KT!) and they have built a new home page for it here.

• Goff’s updated his Women’s College Rankings for Sept. 27.

• I can’t remember if I already blogged this, but Patty Jervey is this month’s Women’s Player Profile in Rugby Magazine. And she’s AWESOME.

• Also in Rugby Magazine’s online updates this month … a Buzz McClain piece discussing how Ralph Lauren (who I actually like as a designer) is in a legal battle with Barbarian for rights over trademarks. Seems Ralphie doesn’t want us using the word “rugby” on any clothing … in which case, I still like your clothing, but you can kiss my ass.

• Via Wes Clark’s Rugby Reader Review, a good opinion piece on Gridiron (aka American Football) versus Rugby and Is Rugby Safe for America’s Youth? (also via USA Rugby). And if you’ve never looked around RRR, definitely check it out.

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One response to “Rugby Bits & Bites … Enhanced with Purple Frosting

  1. rachel

    The youth development page on USA rugby is great! But I have to say – why can’t USA rugby catch up with technology and have a user-friendly, easy to navigate web page.

    Imagine being someone new to the sport or a young person searching for information online. You end up on USA Rugby page and end up confused.

    I think their To Do list should include Update Website

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