Women’s College Rankings – Sept. 20

Remember … Goff ranks women’s college teams here. And you don’t need a subscription. This link is always on our sidebar.

[And if anyone has rankings for senior teams, somebody let me know … I’d do it, but I don’t have the time … maybe I’ll make a link list to updated standings though (so send them in if you know them)]

And this fall, he’s not ranking teams that don’t play in the fall, hence powerhouse Stanford missing from the top, along with other warm weather schools. Except UCSD, who made the trip out to Beantown.

GoffonRugby.Com – Women’s National Collegiate Rankings
Updated Wednesday September 20, 2006
Last week’s rankings in parentheses
Teams that are not playing this fall are not ranked

1 Army (-)
Current Record 4-0
Won Beantown and beat Navy and Penn State in the process

2 Penn State (-)
Current Record 3-1
Lost Beantown final on last-minute try

3 Virginia (-)
Current Record 1-0
Big win early. We’ll see.

4 Navy (-)
Current Record 3-1
Always out of the blocks carefully. Will come along quickly.

5 New Mexico (-)
Current Record 3-0
On the strength of their 12-5 victory over Air Force

6 Air Force (-)
Current Record 1-1
Beat Eastern Rockies U23s.

7 Cornell (-)
Current Record 3-1
Solid results early

8 West Chester (-)
Current Record 1-0
Penn State this weekend real test

9 Dartmouth (-)
Current Record 4-1
Being active helps you early in the rankings. They will have to keep it up, though.

10 Eastern Illinois (-)
Current Record 3-0
Have trouble scheduling tough opponents, but schedule way to easy for them to be properly judged. Could be 3rd, could be 25th.

11 Ohio State (-)
Current Record 0-0
Should be coming on soon.

12 Vassar (-)
Current Record 2-0
Big wins in games they’re expected to take.

13 UCSD (-)
Current Record 1-3
Took the trip to Boston for Beantown

14 U. Northern Iowa (-)
Current Record 0-0
Watch out.

15 Texas A&M (-)
Current Record 0-0

16 North Carolina (-)
Current Record 0-0

17 Princeton (-)
Current Record 0-0
Some challenging games coming up soon

18 Arizona State (-)
Current Record 0-0
Last Week idle
This Week idle

19 Providence (-)
Current Record 0-0
New from DII and we expect much

20 James Madison (-)
Current Record 0-0
When in doubt, put someone from MARFU there.

Honorable mention: Too many to list

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