I just brokedown and bought a Snickers …

And it really does satisfy!

But I decided that since I needed a bit of pick-me-up for plowing through all of my projects right now, it would suffice.

My knees are sore today. KNOCK ON WOOD (knock, knock, knock) but it’s amazing that my knees are only sore after everything I put them through. Seriously, my knees are awesome. I love you knees. Please don’t give out on me now. Especially any parts that rhyme with EMCEEELLE or AYYCEEELLLE.

Without going into details, our team practice last night involved a lot of fitness … mainly up/downs mixed with sprints (Thanks Coach!) and then a lot of Blondie needing to move all over the field.

Our practice field, the one we lovingly call The Dump, is not all together flat and the grass is pretty long right now, so I think all the movement on it is the cause of my sore knees. My hip was also a bit misaligned after practice last night, but seems better today. It’s amazing how a little unevenness throws your body off kilter.

But our team was aligning great … everybody is getting on the same rhythm and


We just had a fire drill here … and had to put into action our new fire drill plan. I’ll take the five minutes of sunshine outside. Don’t worry … I am safe!

Anyway, practice was good last night. Although it seems Wisconsin’s cold weather is coming on early this year. It was cold and dark by the end of practice …

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One response to “I just brokedown and bought a Snickers …

  1. John

    Snickers? Ha!

    I just bought a suasage, bacon and cheese filled pastry turnover at the station on the way in ’cause I missed breakfast. Cost equivilent to four snickers, but you would not believe how satisfying that was…

    May sample their steak and stilton pasties on the way home…

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