World Cup Bits & Bites

• Goff, in one of his rare freebies, reviews the World Cup and our US players saying “The women’s game showed maturity, patriotism in spades, and an understanding of how the sport is changing this World Cup. They aren’t holding blindly to the glorious past anymore, and because of that we see a gilt future as well.”

• The Edmonton Sun rips into Canada and lacking numbers at the event, but does mention that two Americans got married while in Canada (you can read more about it at Jamie’s blog here).

So what do you think? How did our Eagles and the World Cup in general fare this year? What can be done to improve future Cups?

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2 responses to “World Cup Bits & Bites

  1. John

    Eagles: Far be it for me to comment on games I have not seen, but the USA conceeded fewer points than just about anyone else except New Zealand, I think. Which is impressive. Trouble is that you also scored fewer points that pretty much anyone else except maybe South Africa (I’ve not done the maths, but I doubt I’m far wrong), which must be a concern.

    World Cup in general: How about a format that the casual observer can understand; Clear qualifying criteria – even competitions (at a regional level) (no I’m not Welsh, but their absence was a travesty); IRB to put much, much more effort into promoting the tournament (how about televising the women’s world cup to be a condition for those bidding for rights to the men’s tournament?); fill the stadiums any way you can – bus in school children for free if need be

  2. rachel

    I will say from a fan perspective that I had hoped Canada would be a better venue than Barcelona. Nope. Besides game times there was nothing organized for fans; in Barcelona there was a tens tournament for supporters, parties for fans, etc. A crew of us from New York went to Barcelona and met fans from all over the world. Not the case this time.

    I would have thought there would be more fans from the US in attendance. According to an English supporter they had 80-100 there at a time, by an organized tour group. I think at any game the US had 50 max…though our 50 was louder than anyone else and had more creative cheering 🙂 so that is what really counts!!

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