Just when I thought I was a back …

Last night at practice, we found out our scrumhalf Casey is stuck down in Chicago for work. So yeah, I’m scrumhalfing this Saturday. The joy with which I’m anticipating playing … well, I just have a lot more to remember now when I’m playing.

Like, I don’t know, which side of the scrum I put the ball in on (LEFT! The hand opposite my right one!) or figuring out our lineout plays again so I know which jumper to look for a pass from (or the one with the ball!!) or trying to remember to not hesitate just because I’m not really sure what I am doing.

So, yeah. I’ll just go all out hopefully and see what happens …

Not much blogging today … I have a redwood’s worth of work piled up.

On top of this, at work I am dealing with this whole bad spinach issue (If you have prepackaged spinach in your home/work, please throw it out and do not eat it.) and I find this especially interesting b/c I like to eat spinach, but haven’t bought any lately because the bags always give you too much and it’s too expensive. Good thing they don’t have mini-bags, b/c I would probably have E. coli now.

And I also have to call one of our rookies, a young developmental player who’s taking a bit of attitude with the decision that she’s not ready for a-side and she’s most likely a b-side starter. Seriously, if you are young, inexperienced or not physically fit or some combo thereof, playing b-side games helps you get there. There is a reason that players are selected up to A-side and it is because they are busting their asses, showing up at practice and have been working hard to learn the game.

I’m just really irked sometimes at this sense of entitlement that people get sometimes. What’s up with that?

Maybe I’ll go eat some spinach …

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3 responses to “Just when I thought I was a back …

  1. kori

    When I started playing Scrumhalf in College, I made my Loose head put duct tape on her left foot so I knew which side to go for without looking like a rookie. The other scrumhalf’s never picked up on it, or at least not that I knew of. And it was always a joke between me and my loose head, that she kept the tape on there for years to come.

    Kori ~Hartford Wild Rose WRFC

  2. Blondie

    That’s a good secret! I might not do tape, but I’ll for sure figure out who’s my loosehead tomorrow. I’m always thinking of other stuff in the game when the scrumdowns happen, so when I’m walking up I have this whole moment of panic where I can’t remember which side I’m supposed to be on! Now I’ll be sure. 🙂

    This is especially confusing when you are playing another scrumhalf who also doesn’t normally play scrumhalf, so it comes down to a choice of sides for whichever side can you schmuck your opposing No. 9 the best on. A *super* fun game.

  3. OBG

    Not sure if this will help, but … you put the ball in on the side that is closer to your hooker’s feet. Since heads go left, there are only two sets of feet before your hooker’s feet start (your loosehead and the opposing tighthead). If you went in the other side, you’d have to go by the other team’s loose, your tight and the other hooker. Maybe that’s just more confusing?

    As for lineouts. You’re the scrummy. Make up something that you can remember. My personal favorite is to take a body part (say, you’re right knee) and point it at the person who is to receive the ball. Then, you can say “Mumble Joe Bahama Red 238 Chevy Pizza” but your jumpers and you know that your knee is telling the real story.

    Probably more confusing, huh?

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