Worked Harder = Have More Fun

In the comments to this post where I lamented being a back now and not being involved in as much of the action, OBG says:

This may be contrary to popular opinion, but I think you can be a back and still have a high work rate. Ruck when needed. Make yourself available. Act as a decoy. Do something. Don’t just wait. It’ll be more fun for you and better for your team.

Thanks OBG. I agree with you and now that I’m sure I’m a back on a permanent basis, this was my plan. I just need to get used to being a back again (meaning I’m not going into the breakdowns whenever possible and my wings are yelling for me, just when I should be). I think I found that balance a bit towards the end of the game, in the backline but also in the breakdowns. It’ll just take a few games …



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