Obviously … I’m redesigning again

You probably just clicked over here and went “whoa”. Yup, redesigning again. And not on my own, but I Blogger has a new Beta version which allows for some cool new features I wanted to try, like categories for each post.

And I updated the template as well, so I lost a bunch of hand-tooled sections I had added, but will throw them back in when I get a chance. And we’re back to a two-column format for the new version, since that is what Blogger had. Oh well.

more later …

Update: So Blogger Beta is cool. I like that I can now add the labels feature to each post, which is like categories on other blogs, so you can search for specific topics and it will bring up all the posts related to that topic. This also means I would need to go back through all 700+ posts to add labels in if I wanted the blog to really be searchable … but we’ll just see.

Further, I found a cool hack for labels which allows it to be a pulldown menu and a zoom-cloud type menu where more popular labels are bigger in font-size (which negates the need for the zoom cloud I had before, which disappeared anyway when I jumped to beta).

Other features I like … the template layout is now in widgets which are easily moveable and editable, so I can easily swap around my sidebar and edit my lists. Meaning no more hand-cranking all that HTML (which is good & bad). Bad though – I have yet to figure out how to make all my links open in new windows and keep my blog underneath (so you have to always back-arrow … boo!), I can’t include a “link” without a URL, which is how I included teams, sites, etc., that I wanted listed but didn’t have a good link. For instance, the Charleston Hurricanes is a team in D-II, but they don’t have a website. So now I can’t even include them. But hopefully I’ll figure out a workaround. I suppose just a text-box or something …

And sorry for all you fans of the two-column, but it looks like somebody already developed a three-column format with the widgets! for blogger beta. I’m hoping to hop over to that soon.

Other things I like and want to have for all the link lists – the collapsible format of the archives. I think it all the lists were like this, it could really save space.

Overall, I like the increased ease of use for blogging and it seems more readable … stay tuned.


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One response to “Obviously … I’m redesigning again

  1. rachel

    if I switch to beta will I lose my current formatting??

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