Your emergency is not MY emergency …

I just received a phone call from a frantic university student who needed me to help her get some posters printed for a conference.

It’s one of my responsibilities I have picked up here at my job, since I handle a lot of publication design, I also handle printing. Typically, someone calls me weeks in advance, we schedule work time, we get it done.

You should not call me frantically on a Friday afternoon for three posters you need printed by Sunday morning. Nor should you call me if you do not even actually work for the same company that I work for, just because you have some contacts here (who you can’t remember at the moment).

All I could think was “I don’t have time for this bullshit right now.” And then I immediately felt bad about it and urged her to call the campus printing office to see if they could help, while I went to see if I was even supposed to help.

Thankfully, after a moment of venting to my supervisor and one of our higher-ups, I had permission to tell her no officially, which is better than me just telling her no unofficially. I had some more power behind my no.

And of course, she couldn’t (wouldn’t) tell me who her contact was here that told her to call us so I could then call them and ask they if they were smoking crack.

Also, interestingly enough, my supervisor just told me a funny story about noticing that a very high-placed elected official in our state whom she saw speaking today has very hairy knuckles. Ewww.


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