Friday … & Corn for Lunch

I’m not sure I’m ready to play tomorrow.

But tomorrow is moving closer and close to being today.

I’m tired, I’m a tad sore (with one weird area right behind my shoulder blade) and I don’t particularly feel like sitting here in front of my computer. I have so many things that I wish I could go take care of now, instead of waiting until tonight.

I’m sitting here eating sweet corn for lunch. I’m on a corn kick lately. It’s so easy to make, tastes good and I’m happy that it’s so good for me.

In other good news, we had 18 people at practice last night. EIGHTEEN!

Now, you might be sitting there thinking that that isn’t very many people. And you’re right, it’s not. But it is a very large amount of people in comparison to every other practice I’ve ever attended in my three years of playing for my team. I’ve been at practices with three people. More recently our average was 10 and last spring, we were totally excited for 12. So, 18 rugby players … which is more than the 15 you need for a team … is very exciting for me indeed.

Tomorrow we play the Minnesota Valkyries. They are really good. They have three coaches. They played the All Blues into overtime in the national championship in 2005. But you know what? I like to play them. As a team, they work really hard, play really well and well, they aren’t assholes. Until you have played a team of assholes, you don’t appreciate the fact that you can just go out and play the game. Others might disagree with me, but all of my experience playing the Valks has been pretty good because we have just played. I hope it’s that way tomorrow.

Some of my teammates disagree, but I’m glad we got our toughest game on the schedule right away. I hope we give the Valkyries a good challenge. Maybe I’m kind of looking forward to tomorrow.

I think some of the Valks check in here every once in a while … so, yeah, thanks for not being assholes. 🙂

Plus, it helps that we have lots of friends on that team. Hopefully, we’ll have a fun third half too.



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