Yesterday, I called in sick. Was I sick? Not physically really, although I do have a cold coming on. I was in need of a mental health day though.

I just needed to not be at work and I had some stuff I needed to take care of like grocery shopping, paying my rent and bills, organizing my finances, stuff you can’t always fit into the few hours after work each day. It was good for me to do this. You guys should all do it too.

Yesterday morning, while unpacking my newly purchased groceries, I turned the television on (my whole 5 channels!) and surfed between The View (no thanks) and Maury Povich (hmmmm?).

Maury’s show? “I’m afraid of Birds, Peaches and Pickles!”

Seriously, women who are deathly afraid of pickles. Who the hell is afraid of a pickle? Is it the smell? The vinegar and spices? The shape? Which of course means you are probably afraid of some other *ahem* things in the world. (And no, there is no “theme” today, I swear).

These women were positively freaking out and hugging Maury. This fascinated me for about 3 minutes … and then I thought, wow you are pretty pathetic to go on the Maury Povich show. And then I realized it was pathetic of me to be sitting there watching it.

The next show was Little House on the Prairie though. I haven’t seen this in YEARS! And this show still rules. And I cried. Not kidding. Just one tear. But yup, it happened.

Laura was all little with her pigtail braids and she was riding her horse, Bunny, and they rode into a wire fence by accident. And Laura’s grandpa was visiting and he promised Laura that Bunny would be okay. But Pa knew they had to shoot the horse and then Grandpa had to break his promise. So Laura runs away and as she is running through the fields crying, BANG!, you hear the gunshot and you know Bunny is dead. And the show just sits there on Laura’s face realizing that Bunny is dead.

I am not kidding. You knew what was going to happen, but between Pa, Grandpa and Laura … I just lost it. Poor Bunny. Poor Laura. And I had flashbacks to being five years old and getting my Laura Ingalls Wilder doll from my parents and we had matching braids.

I should buy those shows on DVD. And isn’t Michael Landon like the best television Dad ever? Remember that angel show he was on too?

Only downer? No Nelly. Remember the bratty spoiled girl Nelly. She was the best too. I loved it when Laura hit her.

So, yeah eventually I finished watching Little House, then started all of my work in my apartment while also watching Days of Our Lives (Sammy and Austin were trying to get married, but Sammy wasn’t sure and there were possible terrorists planning to blow up the church and kill the entire Brady Clan).

Yesterday afternoon, I went to practice and it was tough. In addition the humidity and the rise in allergens for my allergies working against me, we did extra reps of everything and were working on our tackling. That was tough. I did okay in my reps. Not great, but I was bringing people down.

We broke off into backs and pack later and our backs work was less than focused. Now that I am a back, I have to learn this stuff and it was just hard to focus yesterday and it seemed no one want to work on anything. This needs to change though. I plan on talking to all of my fellow backs about this, because we need to start busting our asses to work on playing better together. Individuals might be really good on their own, but our teamwork in the backline is not there right now. *sigh*

In other rugby news, I might have to learn to hook as well in case I am a backup to the hooker. Just one more skill set in my Utility Rugby Player resumè. Nice. I have hooked a few times, mainly in practice and summer, so that would be a good thing to know better.

My shoulders are sore. Gotta love tackling drills.

Tonight, more rugby but not for me. I’m going to time our guys on their fitness tests for the Midwest Camps. Should be fun. I’m just glad I don’t need to run the 400-meter shuttle, the 1500-meter run and whatever else they have to do. At least not tonight anyway … just one more thing I should work on doing better. But seriously … if I had to do this tonight, I probably throw up. Sweet.



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4 responses to “Yesterday

  1. Katy

    ohmygosh the episode where they lose bunny is ALMOST as bad as when they lose everything in the potato blight. seriously, you can’t top a good nelly laura fight. how bout the episode where nelly effs up laura’s teacher exams and pa beats on almonzo? i LOVE that show!

  2. mutantin

    learning how to hook is a fine idea!
    anyhow, heres my favourite saying:
    “i called in dead because i used up all my sick days”.

  3. John Birch

    That programme always reminds me of my days leaning Welsh and the discovery that the polite phrase for “toilet” is “ty bach”, or “little house”. Prarie (I think) comes in as “maes” (or field, including sports fields – a rugby pitch would still be a “maes” – “y maes rygbi”).

    Anyway I did wonder if any Welsh language version of the programme would require retitling a bit. “The toilet in the field” (or “Dunny in the paddock”, if you will) might give viewers the wrong idea.

  4. nurugger8

    I always liked testing my players on those runs…. some of them have better times than current Thunderbirds.

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