U.S. Women’s Rugby Foundation

There is a new non-profit organization founded to help our sport – the United States Women’s Rugby Foundation.

WomenEagles has posted an interview with USWRF Board Member and former Eagle Danita Knox:

8.10.06 – A new website in support of women’s rugby has been started! The U.S. Women’s Rugby Foundation unveiled their website recently and caught the eye of WomenEagles.com. We caught up with Danita Knox, a Board Member of the new U.S. Women’s Rugby Foundation (www.uswrf.org) and asked her a few questions.

WomenEagles.com: Good morning, Danita and congratulations on the new site!

Danita: Thank you. We are very excited about the possibilities of this new venture.

WomenEagles.com: What is the US Women’s Rugby Foundation and how did it get started?

Danita: The idea began with a few of the Board Members present at the 2003 Churchill Cup. We began discussing the need for more support for the Women Eagles in terms of money and competition. From there, it extended to providing support, (either financial, educational or organizational) to all of the women’s rugby community. Many retired women rugby players have talked about having an organization that would serve the needs of the U.S. women’s rugby community in regards to archiving our history, funding, and eventually providing a place for players, coaches and administrators to come together. This vision has finally become a reality. The organization is in it’s early stages and is currently being run by volunteers. We are looking for more volunteers with different expertise to help us further build on the vision. (see our volunteer section on the USWRF website.)

WomenEagles.com: Who are the Board Members and how did they get involved?

Danita: Our current Board Members are: Terry Owen, Tania Hahn, Suzanne Rosen, Bev Armstrong, Lisa Durham and myself. We got involved hoping to fill some of the voids of support for women’s rugby. As you can see on our website, we come from varied backgrounds which lends to the structure of the organization, but we have all been or are currently involved in women’s rugby.

WomenEagles.com: I noticed you have a community page on your site?

Danita: Yes, we want to not only support the growth of women’s rugby but also show how rugby can bring women and cultures together and even provide a framework for other types of humanitarian work. (see our article on the Uganda tour). We also want to provide human interest stories about women involved in rugby and their accomplishments due to or outside the sport.

WomenEagles.com: Tell me about the National Teams Campaign going on right now.

Danita: We are currently asking for donations to help the Women Eagles in their quest at the 2006 World Cup. We are now 501(c)3 compliant so all donations are tax deductable. Although Women Eagle players don’t pay for their travel and accommodations once at the World Cup, they must fund their way to a pre-assembly and then will lose almost a month’s worth of work while competing for their country. Any monies earmarked for World Cup Campaign will go towards helping to defray those extraneous costs and to support tour cost that are not covered by IRB or USA Rugby funding.

WomenEagles.com: Is the Foundation only going to benefit National level athletes?

Danita: The National Teams Campaign is obviously pressing as WRWC 2006 is only days away. In the future, we hope to institute a grant system that will be available for application by players and/or administrators for training, travel or education. We will hold many different types of campaigns in order to help raise awareness of various organizations.

WomenEagles.com: Are you a part of USA Rugby?

Danita: No, we are not affiliated with or a property of “USA Rugby”. Nor are we in competition with USA Rugby. We feel we are filling a niche by providing services to the women’s rugby community that may not be available elsewhere.

WomenEagles.com: What do you see as the future of the US Women’s Rugby Foundation?

Danita: After the WRWC (which most of our board will attend) and the opportunity for supporters to see our website, we will focus our attention on where we can best serve the community. We will work with feedback from the website and begin making a difference for women’s rugby.

WomenEagles.com: … and now?

Danita: We are focused on raising money for the Women Eagles at the 2006 World Cup. It’s easy to donate on our website. We hope Women Eagle fans will take this opportunity to financially support their efforts (it’s tax deductable)!

WomenEagles.com: Thanks, Danita. We hope all Women Eagle fans will visit the new website at http://www.uswrf.org. Donations are tax deductable and easy with the Foundation’s secure donation page that accepts all major credit cards.

And I will add the USWRF to the sidebar.

UPDATE: I received a very nice e-mail from one of the USWRF Board Members this morning … And I’m glad I could help spread the word about this great new foundation.

Your blog is fabulous; I cannot believe your energy.

I am on of the board members for the Women’s Rugby Foundation and wanted you to know how much we appreciate your help in promoting our site. We are excited about the opportunity to support our sport.

Thanks again.

Suzi Rosen

Thank You Suzi for helping start a foundation that will help all of us keep playing.



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  1. nurugger8

    I played for Danita at ITTs one year. this is awesome news!

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