Thunderstorms, Scaredy Cats, Wedded Bliss

Last night I had a meeting in Brookfield (near Milwaukee) which didn’t end until almost 10. I am glad I went, but it would’ve been better if it wasn’t last night when I was super tired. This week’s schedule has been hellacious.

The entire ride home I watched lightning ripping across the skies. I talked with Tim and he said there was a big tornado alert and I should be careful. Why am I always driving during tornados? And at night, would I really see a tornado coming my way? Probably not.

I got home and it had just started hailing with a hard rain, so I had to park my car and walk through my parking lot to my apartment building with hail balls hitting me. They were small and the rain wasn’t bad though. At the house across the street, there were a bunch of girls hanging out on their porch playing a game, laughing and screaming. Maybe playing beer pong?

When I opened my door, my cat was waiting right there for me. I think he’s okay with the new apartment, but being alone all day gets old and boring. I am worried about him for this weekend while I will be gone for my cousin’s wedding. Granted, he’ll be fine but who wants to be locked up in an apartment for an entire weekend by yourself? I’ll only be gone two days, but I still feel bad. It is a big apartment though and he’ll have everything he needs. Thankfully I don’t have a dog of my own. Eventually I’m going to get Jib a friend. His name will be Jab (and not my dad’s request that it be Spinnaker).

I talked with Tim again – he was half asleep – when I got home. He asked if there was somewhere I could go if a tornado came. Where does one go if you live on the third floor of a large old brick building? I figured my best bets would be my interior closets which are in small enclosed hallways or if needed, I could run down to the basement with my cat. This was not the best way to fall asleep …

It thundered all night, but obviously I am still alive and no tornados struck my building. I am glad it is Thursday though. This week, Thursday is my Friday since my sister and I are driving up to Minneapolis tomorrow for my cousin’s wedding. Plus, we are taking the super weiner dog, Lulu. This could be quite the adventure. But I hate this drive because it is pretty long and boring and one I have to make quite often for rugby, at least once or twice a season. *ugh*.

I am also not really looking forward to this wedding. My first one in a few years and it will be nice to see family … but I find most weddings pretty typical and boring … and I really only like the cake and flowers. It had better be good cake.

We have team practice tonight … and I don’t really want to go. I could use the time more wisely on other more pressing concerns for today, but I’ll go nonetheless. I have to give one of our rookies a ride anyway. Seriously, this is kind of a blah day … thank god it’s almost the weekend.



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2 responses to “Thunderstorms, Scaredy Cats, Wedded Bliss

  1. Anonymous

    I’m with your dad for the next cat’s name.


  2. Blondie

    Good thing you’re not in charge J …

    And his back up choice was Anchor.

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