Tuesday Fun with Samuel L. Jackson

This is awesomely fun. I have already sent out five messages.

Visit here and send a personalized e-mail or telephone message from Samuel L. Jackson about Snakes On A Plane to your friends and family. There are some personalized choices too.

If you have issues with the name, try it spelled more commonly or the full name, FYI. And based on my tests so far, as soon as you hit send, it calls. I sent one to my boss in the neighboring office and Samuel called her right away. HILARIOUS!



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2 responses to “Tuesday Fun with Samuel L. Jackson

  1. maggie

    um, i can’t get it to work :-(. the page doesn’t seem to load anything interactive other than a couple links to crap like terms of use and to some sweepstakes that has an even lamer page. bummer.

  2. Katy

    i gotta tell you, i sent ten thousand of these to my teammates and non-rugby friends. my mom thought he was yelling at her and one of my teammates hung up on him!

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