New Team Link Added

Hello NYC Village Lions!!

Thanks Renee for the link! I have added it to the sidebar.

Hi there–

Was hoping that you might be able to add our club to your list of DIIs. We’re the Village Lions in New York City- very competitive and very social club with lotsa good people. Our link is and if you could list us as NYC Village Lions (cause otherwise, no one would know where we’re from). We host an annual St. Patrick’s Day tournament, the Four Leaf Fifteens, so as that approaches, I’ll be sure to heckle you (if you don’t mind) for some free promotion!

I was introduced to your blog not too long ago and it’s good stuff, so congrats to you and keep it up! We need to keep pushing women’s rugby out to the community at large so that we continue to see this sport grow and get the recognition that it deserves.

President, NYC Village Lions RFC

Am I missing your team? Well, you gotta send it in to share, Yo!


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One response to “New Team Link Added

  1. Emily

    hmm good point Renee made — can you add (NJ) to the Morris Women? : )

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