Keeping Pace with the Eagles

If you have cruised over to WomenEagles lately, be sure and check it out. Colleen the Webmaster over there and the whole Eagle team have added a lot of cool new updates …

• Trading Cards with photos of the 2006 Eagles by Jen Doan
• Desktop Action Shots to add to your work or home computer screen
• A Women’s World Cup information section
• A Women’s World Cup History Section
• And there’s all new glamorous head shots of the team on the roster page

So check it out. And remember, first game is against England TWO WEEKS from today kids. I should add a countdown on the sidebar!

And again, if anyone has any information on television broadcasts of the games, American or International-based (but available to Americans), pass it on.

Update: Goff (subscription required) interviewed Hedwig Aerts and Keenya Warner (Hello New York!) and the Eagles say they are ready:

“It’s just around the corner and we open with a huge game against England,” said flyhalf Hedwig Aerts. “We’ll know what we’re capable of pretty early on. Yes, other teams have spent a lot of time together, but it’s not really any concern to us. I know my teammates and I have spent an intense couple of months preparing for this World Cup and we’re ready to take anyone on.”

Update: American Rugby News actually has a brief story on the WNT as well. And it doesn’t feature halftime dancers, but a nice quote from Ashley English:

“We’re doing pretty well and are hopeful to finish in the top two or three. We have wonderful coaches right now and they have really made the team come together in a kind of unprecedented way. Their style of play is a very forward-going style of play that we’ve found really successful.”



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