Cleaning House

If you scroll around, you’ll notice I’ve been tidying up a bit. Rearranging and trimming some fat.

I also tidied up the links a bit and added some more to the non-rugby links I sometimes read (and I know some of you visit when you are bored at work).

I am also contemplating signing up for Google Ads because earning a few coins to help pay the bills sure would be nice.

Eventually I’d like to make it a three-column blog, so I could move some of links over to the left side … but not today.

And I’ve been playing with our team MySpace site as well … who knew so many people had those pages? We’ll just keep the team one. I’m not interested in a personal page since I have this blog, which is good enough.

And thanks to everyone who has a link here on their team page. I find new ones all the time when I am searching other team sites. This week, Big Thanks to the Oconomowoc Men’s Team. I’m adding you guys to the sidebar under the select list of men’s teams. Plus one of their player’s has a sister that might join our team. Nice.


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