I’m working on our recruiting for our team with a few weeks left before our first game (Sept. 9 vs. the Minnesota Valkyries!).

I’m following up on contacts, making sure our schedule is out with times/directions. As soon as I have a chance, I’ll be posting to our local newspaper’s free calendar, another local newspaper’s free recreational listing, Craigslist and then we’re handing out fliers at our local Farmer’s Market this Saturday morning (yes, that means you too teammates who read this!).

I also have to update our web site … oi.

So, I guess today’s post is an open discussion thread for recruiting. Pass along your good ideas, success stories and together, maybe we can better recruit for all of our teams.

By the way … by having this blog (which is an part of Google), the search engine capability for finding this blog and linked sites keeps climbing. So hopefully that is helping all of our sites some more.

Kerrie K. in California e-mailed me the following:

I googled “US rugby blog” and your blog was the first entry, heh so grats on not only being the coolest women’s blog for the states but apparently beating out the boys as well =]


Kerrie, that is fantastic. Thanks for passing it on. I tried it with US Rugby Blog and was third, but US Women’s Rugby Blog is first. Awesome.

So, note to all team webmasters, keep your sites updated, send me your links and if you can, I’d appreciate a link back too. 🙂



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